Getting Over Cabin Fever With A Winter Walk…

Getting Over Cabin Fever With A Winter Walk…

This week didn’t start well with Holly being poorly. I could tell on Monday morning she wasn’t herself and when she fell asleep on the sofa at 11.30am (unheard of!), I knew something was wrong.

I didn’t have to wait long, as soon after she woke up she was sick. There is nothing worse as a parent than seeing your child poorly. You would do anything to take it away, to swap places with them and you are longing to see those smiles again.

Monday night was a long night and Holly ended up in bed with us. Neither of my girls have ever really taken to sleeping in our bed, so I knew she must be poorly to want to come in. Oh my goodness how wriggly are little people!

On Tuesday she was a lot perkier and played with her toys. But she did have a 2 hour nap on the sofa and that night she slept solidly for 12 hours.

Later in the week when she was better, we had serious cabin fever and needed to get out the house. I had shared with you earlier that One4all gift card had set us a challenge and we were going to have a Christmas outdoor activity. But with Holly being poorly, I haven’t had a chance to do it. Thankfully Holly loves our walks in the woods and I knew we would have fun together.

As we have had a lot of rain recently, sadly no snow for us, I knew it would be muddy and Holly would need some wellies. Clarks have recently been added to the long list of retailers that you can use your One4all gift card at and we headed there to buy some new wellies.

While we were there we got Holly’s feet measured and I wasn’t surprised to be told that her feet haven’t grown. Holly’s feet grow really slowly, whereas it felt like Alice was always outgrowing shoes. Anyway, I let Holly choose some wellies. It’s not often I give them free reign to choose their own, but you can’t really go wrong with wellies. Or can you?

It was then mummy’s turn to buy something and we went to FatFace. I love the clothes in FatFace and I really needed a new winter coat. A coat that would keep me warm and dry on the school runs, walks and my trip to Scotland in January.

Thankfully they had the style of coat that I was looking for and with FatFace also on the retailers list for One4all gift card, it ticked all the boxes.

After all that shopping we headed to the M&S cafe for a snack and drink before our walk. Holly loves the Percy and Penny biscuits, I love a latte and it’s great that they have colouring for children to do.

Once we had finished we set of to the woods for a lovely winter walk. It wasn’t too cold and the sun was shining, my favourite kind of days at this time of year.

When we arrived Holly couldn’t wait to put her wellies on, this is another advantage to letting them choose them, they want to wear them 🙂 and I couldn’t wait to test out my new coat.

I love that her wellies have a pull string at the top, this stops any water getting in.

It wasn’t long before Holly had found a stick. Does anyone else’s child look to collect sticks? Alice never did it, but Holly does it everywhere we go.

Holly was having lots of fun and whilst I had a pang of mum guilt that I didn’t have time to make it more of a fun Christmas activity, she clearly didn’t mind. I think I need to remind myself that they are easily pleased at this age.

She then moved on to collecting stones and wanted to take a photo with her stone, you’ve got to love this girl!

She makes me laugh all day long…

Going for a walk in the woods is one of our favourite things to do together, Holly often asks if we can go. It was definitely what we both needed after a couple of days at home.

I used to get really stressed about them getting muddy and dirty. But I’ve learnt over the years that it really doesn’t matter, everything can be washed. They are only little for a short time and let them enjoy it.

Since discovering the One4all gift card I’ve been really impressed with the list of retailers that you can use the card in. Lots of shops that we use all the time and restaurants that we love like Pizza Express and ASK.

The cards have a really long expiry date on them, as you can see mine expires in 2021. You can easily check the balance remaining on it and I had no problem using it in the shops.

I don’t normally like to give gift cards as presents at Christmas as it can restrict people what they can buy. But for those people that can be difficult to buy for and lets be honest we all have one of those. This would make an ideal gift.

With Holly now fighting fit, I can’t wait to get through the next week and for my girls to finish preschool and school. We’re all ready for some family time and there is no better time than Christmas.

Disclosure: I’m working in collaboration with One4all gift card. All photos, views and opinions are my own. 



  1. Cleo
    16/12/2017 / 21:10

    Ohh, im defo going to take a look at getting one of those One4all gift card!

  2. 16/12/2017 / 23:35

    This is brilliant, what a fab gift card. I might get one for my bro for Christmas, never know what to get him. Glad Holly is better now, I hope she didn’t pass it on to the rest of the family.

  3. 17/12/2017 / 08:39

    Sorry to hear that Holly has been poorly but love her choice of boots

  4. 17/12/2017 / 12:29

    Ah, you’re right, there is nothing nice about having poorly kids. Glad Holly is feeling better! I’ve never heard of one4all gift cards but they sound perfect!

  5. 19/12/2017 / 11:23

    I’m glad to see that Holly is feeling better and enjoyed her Winter walk. The wellies are adorable and are absolutely perfect for muddy adventures!

  6. 19/12/2017 / 17:09

    Oh I love the wellies . Something Alessia would pick :)’aww I’m glad she better Hun x

  7. 19/12/2017 / 19:49

    Sorry to read your little lady was poorly. I’m glad she picked up enough to get out. I think those gift cards are a great idea. We once had a £200 gift card for one shop that we didn’t want anything in. We just brought something for the sake of it. Such a waste.

  8. 19/12/2017 / 21:08

    Just spent my one4all voucher that I received last christmas. Not sure what took me so long! Love the wee welly boots, and yes, a stick is compulsory!

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