Getting My Bake On With L&C…

Getting My Bake On With L&C…

A few weeks ago an invitation arrived in my inbox inviting me to a cookery school to learn how to decorate cakes. Well, I love cake, who doesn’t? And the idea of being shown how to do this properly I just couldn’t say no.

I will be honest and say that I was a bit blasé about it, as I sat on the train excited about the day ahead. Then I arrived at a little cookery school in Portland Street, where the lovely people from L&C Mortgages had arranged for us to get our bake on!

Well, I found myself in a very professional setting and there were stations set up ready to get baking. I started to feel like maybe I will be out of my depth!

You maybe wondering what cake and mortgages have in common? Well, L&C have recently launched a new ad campaign, where cake takes pride of place.

Soon other lovely bloggers arrived, along with staff members from L&C and some of their loyal customers. We were served the most delicious scones and got acquainted.

Then the lovely ladies from the cookery school gave us our briefing for the day. Well, I say briefing it was also a competition with a winning team. It was a good job I wasn’t sat down, as I would have fallen off my chair when they told us we had to bake a house cake. Yes, an actual house…

Now, I am your typical mum baker and always go for the easy option. Thankfully we were paired up and I was with the lovely Alison, who works for L&C. She was also your typical mum baker and we were a good match.

Everyone started to sketch out their designs and googling pictures of the most complicated cakes ever. Alison and I just looked at each other and couldn’t see how we would bake and decorate a house cake in TWO hours.

We started to make our Victoria sponge, a cake that we had both made hundreds of times, but even that made us nervous. We started to chat about what we could do and I suggested a chocolate box cottage, Alison agreed and that was it we were off.

The cookery school came alive, as all us bakers were rushing around gathering our decorating bits. The team were amazing supporting us and I learnt some new skills on smoothing my icing.

There were a few panicky moments as they gave us the countdown on how much time we had left and we really had to step up a gear when we only had 20 minutes left to get it finished. But, do you know what…

I was quite proud of our cottage cake!

As we looked around the room, everyone had done an amazing job and the standard was high. It was then over to the judges to determine the winner, I was pleased not to be in their shoes.

While the judges got their clipboards out to mark the cakes (it was serious business!), we had a glass of pink fizz which I think we all needed.

We didn’t win, but the cake that did was pretty special…a beautiful pink castle, my girls would have loved it!

As I sat on the train home with half my cake in the box, I was pretty pleased with our attempt and I know my mum would have been proud. She taught me all I know.

And I feel ready to take on my next baking challenge…the girls birthday cake, a cake house anyone?

Disclosure: I was invited to attend the cookery class and I was compensated for my time.



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  1. 08/03/2017 / 14:23

    Oh my goodness you’re so clever making that in two hours! Wow, I feel a bit ashamed that I’m always too rubbish to make a decent cake for my girls on their birthdays, they always get a normal round chocolate one!

  2. 09/03/2017 / 09:20

    Ooh I’ve been waiting for this post! It looks like you had a fab time and your cake was amazing!! I am utterly useless at baking, I would love to go to a baking class and learn a few tips! I can’t wait to see your next creation! xx

  3. 09/03/2017 / 09:23

    I have to admit that being given that task would have had me totally stumped! I’m really not a baker at all. I love your house, perfect cottage box style! A glass of pink fizz sounds like the perfect way to finish off the day – and I’m impressed your cake made it home uneaten on the train!

  4. 09/03/2017 / 10:27

    This looks amazing!! Although I would of been a nightmare at this!! My baking never turns out that well. My poor girls always end up with a shop bought cake

  5. 09/03/2017 / 10:29

    It’s a bloody brilliant cake Laura!
    I think you should have won
    Looked like a really fun event – what lucky girls to have mummy bring them home a delicious cake.x

  6. 09/03/2017 / 17:37

    Oh this looks like such a fun day! I would love to give baking a shot in a kitchen like that with everything to hand! Fab cake 🙂

  7. 09/03/2017 / 20:32

    Oh my goodness this looks amazing! I think you did a great job I am pretty useless at decorating cakes so I don’t think I would have done such a good job as you did. Xx