The Game Every Family Needs This Christmas…Don’t Be A Donkey!

The Game Every Family Needs This Christmas…Don’t Be A Donkey!

Every Christmas there is a family game that everyone needs and this year it has to be Don’t Be A Donkey. We were recently sent it to play and it is really good fun. I can see families across the nation sat around on Christmas Day with their donkey ears on!

What am I going on about? Let me tell you.

Don’t Be A Donkey is a game for up to 4 players and depending how many players you have, the game is slightly different. In the box you have 4 sets of cards which have different coloured backgrounds, three carrots, four hairbands and sets of donkey ears and of course the donkey nose.

You attach the ears to the hairband and the ears start in the down position, each player wears a hairband. To begin with Alice and Andy played the game. When there is 2 players, you take out the set of blue cards, shuffle the remaining cards and then deal them out between the 2 players.

The players then each turn over the top card and place it down in front of them, if the cards they both lay down have the same coloured background, i.e. a match. then the first player to shout DONKEY and grabs the carrot wins.

The losing player then has to flip up one of their ears. The game then continues.

If a player looses twice then they have to put up both ears!

The third time you lose the game, you wear the donkey nose. Which is why the game is called Don’t Be A Donkey, because you are basically trying not to be the donkey!

It’s a really fun game and there was a lot of laughter going on.

I then joined in the game and because there was now 3 players the game was slightly different. We had to add back in the blue set of cards. Each player is given 4 cards (making sure no one else sees the cards). As we had 3 players we placed 2 carrots in the middle.

The aim of the game is to have 4 of the same card in your hand. To begin the game each player chooses one card from their hand to give to another player and places it face down to your right.

When the dealer shouts “PASS”, pick up the card that is now to your left. This then continues until a player has 4 of the same cards in their hand. They then shout out DONKEY!

When someone shouts DONKEY all players have to try and grab a carrot as quickly as possible. The person who does not have a carrot loses the round and is one step closer to being a donkey.

Don’t be a Donkey is for age 4+ and for 2-4 players. The RRP is £14.99 and is available to buy from Amazon.

We had lots of fun playing this game, I’m surprised we didn’t wake Holly up from her nap. I can’t wait for the girls grandparents to come over on Christmas Day and have a game. I’m sure they are going to love wearing their donkey ears!

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Disclosure: We were kindly sent our game in return for an honest review. All views, photos and opinions are my own. 



  1. 10/11/2017 / 10:16

    This looks great fun! I’m quite liking some of the new family games that are out at the moment, we tried out the googly eyes one and that’s great fun. Looking forward to Christmas and making family look ridiculous!

  2. 10/11/2017 / 11:30

    haha! What a donkey. This looks such a fun game. My four year old would love this. I love a game that everyone can join in with

  3. 10/11/2017 / 11:37

    This sounds like fun! I’ve got it the girls for Christmas, I can’t wait to play it on Christmas day!

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