Friends, Afternoon Tea and Easter…#LittleLoves

Friends, Afternoon Tea and Easter…#LittleLoves

This week has felt like we are just on countdown until the Easter holidays and I think we are already for a break. Before I became a school mum I always thought the school holidays felt a lot and couldn’t understand why they had so many. Now I do! Every single time, Alice is ready for them. You forget how little they are and how hard they work at school. They get exhausted and really do need the break.

I need a break too. From the school runs, the constant text messages of the hundred million things we have to do. It’s exhausting being a school mum!


This week I read a blog post from Jess Soothill, Why I’m happy being myself now. Jess turns 40 this year, just like me and she writes about how she has got to a place that she happy being her. That she no longer cares what people think of her, she is confident that the people around her, love her for being her.

This is a place I’m striving to get to and reading Jess’s post has really made me sit back and think about me, my life and what I need to do to get to this place.


I’ve been having a Friends binge this week, like I need an excuse! But I’ve booked to go to Friendsfest later this year and it got me all excited about Friends again. I went last year and loved it. This year they are adding Ross’s apartment and also the staircase scene, if I say ‘pivot’, any Friends fans will know exactly what I mean!!


This week was Alice’s Easter service and it was lovely to go and listen to all the children sing in the church. I really do love this time of year and the songs were beautiful. The children did an amazing job and I love sitting, watching Alice with a beaming smile.


Last weekend I went for afternoon tea with mum, it’s not very often that we get to anything like this. In fact I can’t remember the last time! It gave me the chance to put a skirt on for a change and not my mum jeans.

We had a look around the gardens before we went in and I just had to have a photo with these trees. I would not like to be the gardener who has to keep them looking exact.

It was a lovely afternoon, with lots of yummy food and nice to sit and chat undisturbed for a change.


Plans for the Easter break. Which is really last minute for us, but because the weather has been really wet and unpredictable we haven’t wanted to make plans that we couldn’t keep. But hopefully the weather man has got it right and we’ve got a couple of dry days over the weekend where we can head out to our local National Trust for the Easter Egg Hunt.

And Lastly…

I would like to wish you all a Happy Easter and I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I can’t wait to have my 3 favourite people home with me.

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  1. 30/03/2018 / 07:59

    Those trees definitely have a good hairdresser. I agree that our littles definitely need the holidays but as I only do the school run twice a week I won’t ever wish it away, I miss it when he’s off. Enjoy the Easter egg hunt #littleloves

  2. 30/03/2018 / 08:42

    Happy Easter Laura, I hope you all have a wonderful break. You’ve reminded me how much I wanted to go to Friendsfest – I wasn’t sure if it would be on again this year but I’m off to investigate now!

  3. 30/03/2018 / 10:50

    Ooh thanks for mentioning Friendsfest, I’d never heard of it but would love to go. Off to look it up now. Have a lovely Easter break.

  4. 30/03/2018 / 21:45

    I quite fancy going to Friendsfest, looks like it would make a great day out. I know what you mean about how tiring the whole school mum thing is. I used to laugh when everyone in the UK said they couldn’t wait for half term when each holiday is only about 6 weeks apart when I was in Malta or Spain and went months between breaks. Now I’m back in the UK I totally get it. I couldn’t wait for yesterday to come around and to turn my alarm off for a few weeks again. Have a great Easter break x

  5. 02/04/2018 / 11:22

    We were definitely ready for the holidays in this house! Hope you had fun at the Easter Egg hunt #littleloves

  6. My girls are always more than ready for the holidays too – they’re always exhausted by the end of each term. I am desperate to go to FriendsFest! My teenage stepdaughter went a couple of years ago and loved it – you’ll have a fab time I’m sure. “PIVOT!” 😉

  7. 05/04/2018 / 16:13

    I definitely need to look up Friendsfest! Hope you had a lovely Easter xx

  8. 05/04/2018 / 22:21

    Aww hope you have had a lovely Easter break. I am totally with you on the school holidays. I can’t bekieve we are already through the first week it’s flown by! Hope the next few days go much slower! Can’t sit to see you xx