Over The First School Hurdle…The Ordinary Moments

Over The First School Hurdle…The Ordinary Moments

Well, that’s it we’ve made it to our first half term since Alice started school in September and we are definitely all ready for it.

Alice has settled in better than I could ever have hoped for, she skips into school every morning after a quick kiss for me and Holly. Then runs into my arms at the end of the day, dragging her coat and book bag behind her. I spend the next couple of hours trying to extract information about her day. Some days she tells me lots and other days, its like pulling teeth.

But, what I always love to hear is the people that she is playing with and over the weeks the same names are mentioned. I can see that there are the beginning of friendships forming. She feels comfortable in her new surroundings and that is all I want.

When she first started we did have a few days where I wondered what had happened to my beautiful girl and she was full of attitude. But thankfully that disappeared as quickly as it arrived and clearly was just her way of dealing with the change. It wasn’t much fun and lets just say if it had’t disappeared life right now would be very different.

Andy and I were talking about it the other night. How we picked her up, three weeks after turning four years old and put into a school where she didn’t know anyone in her year. And it didn’t phase her at all, she has taken it all in her stride and we couldn’t be more proud of her.

She has brought home pictures, creations, and library books. She has been to the family fun day, gone on an Autumn Walk and this week she had her first disco. I helped out and it was a really good insight into her little world. Alice loved it and came home with the biggest smile, but incredibly tired.


After school occasionally we go to the park next to her school. We’ve been lucky with the weather lately and it’s nice to let her have a final run about before we head home. Sometimes her friends have been there and that has been lovely for her to play with them.

Tiredness really started to set in two weeks ago and we had a few grumpy mornings, not that she didn’t want to go, but everything was that little bit more hard work and took longer to do. And if she couldn’t find something then it was a BIG deal!

But, we have made it to half term and whilst the last few weeks really have flown by, I am so ready to have my little girl back with us for the week. Holly and I miss her being part of our trio and we are going to have a fun week, but not too crazy busy. Time to be together, but also a chance for Alice to relax and recharge those batteries.

We will be going pumpkin picking, making bonfire cakes and there will be lots of snuggles on the sofa while Holly is napping.

I can’t wait…


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  1. Oh well done Alice! School would be a pretty major milestone even if you did know some of he people in your class but it’s a big ask when they know no one. I’m so glad for all of you that she seems to be enjoying it – and now for some lovely rest!

  2. 23/10/2016 / 16:25

    Sounds like it was a successful first term settling in. Well done on getting to the disco. N still hasn’t gone to any of his – he’s not a ‘party’ fan…I’m about to turn down yet another party invitation. Do come and link up to #SchoolDays

  3. 23/10/2016 / 18:07

    Sounds like a lovely first half term and lovely you got to help out and se her in her new surroundings. I too am looking forward to the week with my biggest girl home X

  4. 23/10/2016 / 20:11

    Shes beautiful, especially those gorgeous eyes! Your half term plans sound lovely too. The last weeks of half term are so hard for them, school is such a big transition isnt it? She sounds like she has handled it amazingly well. We moved schools this September my 2 eldest swapped across and my 3yr old started nursery, I think they coped with it better than me!

  5. 23/10/2016 / 20:53

    I can’t believe how quick that half term went. We looked at a school this week for next September and it scares me just how fast time is going. I hope you all have a lovely half term break x

  6. 24/10/2016 / 00:06

    Ahh I’m so glad she settled in well and had a lovely first half term. It must have been so reassuring to see her in the school environment, I wish I was a fly on the wall during Eva’s school day. Enjoy half term! #ordinarymoments

  7. 29/10/2016 / 08:46

    It looks like she has settled in so well and you must be so proud. The start is so hard for them – it’s all so new and they’re just so tired but it sounds like she’s handled it all amazingly x