First pair of trainers…The Ordinary Moments

First pair of trainers…The Ordinary Moments

Holly has been walking now for four months and she has the cutest shoes that her grandparents brought her…but it was time for this little girl to have her first pair of trainers!

It was a cold, miserable Friday, we had dropped Alice off at preschool and we headed into town. The first shop we went in the trainers they had were not what I was looking for, they were more for playing sport in and we are not quite at that age yet!!

So, it was onto the next shop. The two ladies in the shop were so lovely, chatting to Holly while I was looking at all the lovely trainers they had to offer us.

The great thing at seventeen months old, I have full control over what Holly wears…I know this doesn’t last, so I am totally making the most of it!

I had picked out a pair that were perfect for Holly and the lady went to fetch her size. When she brought the box out, Holly was so excited to try on her new trainers. She looked so little and cute sat on the stool, with the biggest grin on her face.


She walked so proudly around the shop, checking them out in the mirror. She didn’t want to take them off…I am just pleased they fitted, otherwise it could have been a challenge to get her to give them back!!

When we arrived back home, those trainers were still not coming off…’No, No mummy’ and off she ran.

She played in them…



It was then time to go and collect Alice, getting ready was quicker than normal because Holly still had her trainers on! She loves the walk to Alice’s preschool, but today she had an even bigger smile on her face and kept looking down at her new trainers.



Alice notices everything…she was barely out the door, when she pointed and said ‘Holly, look at your new trainers’. She turns to her teacher ‘Look, my little sister has new trainers’…

On the walk home we normally talk about what Alice had been doing at preschool, but today it was all about the trainers! I love the way, Alice chats away to Holly…she doesn’t care that Holly can’t answer her (yet!).



When we arrived home, I was waiting for Holly to start again with the ‘No, No’, when I tried to take off her new trainers. But I turned around to see her sat on the step, letting her big sister take them off for her…those girls melt my heart!



Then off Holly trotted to proudly put them next to Alice’s trainers.

When I became a mummy I never thought buying new trainers would bring such joy to a little girl. I think she is going to take after her mummy and have a love for shoes…


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  1. LauraCYMFT
    31/01/2016 / 20:09

    Awww these are so cute! Such a big milestone getting your first pair of shoes.

  2. mummydaddyme
    31/01/2016 / 20:26

    Aw she looks so cute in her new pair of trainers- my girls love it when they get a new pair of shoes, they are always so proud. And yep not long at all, I can’t dress my oldest daughter anymore, but I am still ok with the younger one who is nearly 3! x

    • 31/01/2016 / 21:45

      Thank you 🙂 I love that getting new shoes, is such a big thing in their little world. I never realised how quickly they have opinion on what they wear, my eldest is the same won’t let me dress her. Apparently it’s a girl thing, so you should be alright with your baby boy when he arrives.. x

  3. 31/01/2016 / 21:09

    So cute! Love big sis putting little sis’ trainers on. My eldest is 5 and i still pretty much choose all his clothes! Doubt that’ll happen with girls though!

    • 01/02/2016 / 19:44

      Thank you 🙂 it’s was so adorable watching them. No, my eldest daughter does not let me dress her!!

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