First Nativity Play…The Ordinary Moments

First Nativity Play…The Ordinary Moments

Rewind to the beginning of December, on a cold Monday morning and it was the day of Alice’s first nativity play at preschool….she was Mary…Yes, I cried when I found out!

In typical toddler style, Alice didn’t want to wear her costume and at one point didn’t want to go to school…she loves school and has never cried about going, not even on her first day. But, I managed to get her to school, calmly handed her costume to the teacher and Alice went in. I stood outside peering in the window to see if she had put her Mary outfit on and ten minutes later the costume was on…these teachers are amazing!


Watching your child in their play, is a very special moment. It’s a chance to have a peep into a part of their world that you are not a part of, watch them with the friends they’ve made without you, holding onto their teachers hand and sing songs that you didn’t teach them.We sat in the audience, feeling a little bit proud that we made that little girl up there on the stage.

In the afternoon, we went to the ice cream parlour for a treat to let Alice know how proud we are of her.

A couple of weeks later, we picked up the DVD of the nativity play and I couldn’t wait to sit and watch it with Alice. So, that she could tell me all about it, show me who everyone is and I could relive the moment again…

But, no…Alice didn’t want us to watch it and I tried every negotiation tactic I knew over the next few days to get her to change her mind…I failed!

I could have watched it when Alice went to bed and she would never have known, but I really wanted to watch it with her…so, I waited.

Then tonight after dinner, Alice spotted it and asked if we could watch it. I tried to contain my excitement and remain calm…inside I was screaming ‘AT LAST’!!

So, we all sat down as a family to watch it. Alice was so proud telling us about how they got everything ready on the stage, pointing out who all the children were, laughing at things she remembered that happened on the day. Holly was sat next to her and kept pointing at the television saying ‘Alice’.

It really was worth the wait…


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  1. mummydaddyme
    24/01/2016 / 21:14

    Aw this is so lovely. I completely agree, my daughter was in her first nativity play at Christmas, she was ‘villager no 1’ and had one speaking part and it made me so emotional watching her up there. I can’t believe you got a DVD, that is adorable! x

    • 24/01/2016 / 21:24

      These little people are very good at pulling on the heart strings!! The DVD is adorable, they had the cast names at the end and I cried again when I saw her name in the credits!! Thank you for hosting #theordinarymoments, I love capturing these moments, that probably wouldn’t make the memory bank when I am grey and old! x