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Having my hair cut has always been something that I have loved doing, a bit of time to myself and a chance to have a lovely chat with my hairdresser. I have been going to the same hairdresser since I was thirteen years old and she has seen me go through a lot of different hair styles!

I went through a period of always wanting a new style and would spend ages going to magazines finding my new look and taking it my next appointment. Sometimes it worked out and other times, not so well!

Over the years, she has become more than a hairdresser. We know everything there is to know about each others lives and she has been there every step of my life. She did my hair on my wedding day, she coped with doing my hair whilst I was going through the bad stage of my morning sickness, which you can read about here, and she held my babies within a few weeks of them being born.

The best bit is, ten years ago she left the salon she had worked at for a long time and started out on her own. Of course there was never any doubt that I would come with her. When you find an amazing hairdresser you follow them everywhere…So, now I have my hair done at home.

This week when I was having my hair done, I knew that it was time for Holly to have her first hair cut. It was going a bit crazy and growing into a point at the front, not a good look!

There really is no one else that I would want to cut my girls hair, she has cut Alice’s hair since that very first time she had a hair cut. Alice loves having her hair cut and will play hairdressers all the time.

Holly haricut1

Holly climbed up onto Alice’s chair, always a favourite, and had the gown put on. You can tell from her face, that she couldn’t quite work out what was going to happen next.

She kept trying to look behind to see what was happening, but quickly realised she couldn’t see. My mum was holding up one of her favourite books, to try and keep her still. She was a little angel and didn’t cry or wiggle around.

Holly haircut

She only had a tiny bit cut off, but I kept some hair, just like I did when Alice had her first hair cut.

Holly haircut2

The cutest part was afterwards when I sat down for my hair cut, she went and got her book and held it up reading it to me. Just like we had with her…that little girl melts my heart.

She still has her cute little curls at the back, which I spend ages winding round my fingers when she sits on my lap. I can’t get enough of them. Her hair is so different from Alice’s, but it is also so familiar.

Because she has the same hair, as I had at her age. My mum brought over a picture of me at Holly’s age and she really is a mini me. I hope her curls stay forever, because mine disappeared when I turned three and now my hair is so straight, people can’t imagine I had curls as a toddler. There is something so adorable about curls…

Watching my little girl sat having her first haircut made me a bit sad, because she is just growing up so quickly at the moment. She really isn’t a baby anymore and more a little toddler, the baby years are slipping away from me.


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  1. 20/03/2016 / 07:58

    How funny, I wrote about Greta’s first hair cut for our ordinary moment this week! That is so sweet that she got the book for you bless her little heart! I know what you mean about it being a sign they are growing up, I always leave my girls hair cuts far too long because it’s a bit of an emotional experience. Just another thing for us mums to get sentimental about! A good hairdresser is one of life’s essentials, how convenient that she comes to you, sounds perfect to me!

    • 21/03/2016 / 12:48

      Great minds!! I know it was so adorable and thoughtful of her, she melts my heart. Oh yes, when you find a good hairdresser you never let them go x

  2. 20/03/2016 / 15:29

    Oh how lovely. I am really reluctant to get J’s hair cut, she has gorgeous curls that are now reaching the bottom of her back and I get quite upset at the thought of it being shorter. So sweet how she got the book for you x

    • 21/03/2016 / 12:46

      I don’t blame you, if you can keep it, then why not? It was sweet when she brought me the book, love her x

  3. 20/03/2016 / 16:37

    Aw how lovely and how lovely that she can come to the house as well, that must make it so much easier. It definitely is a sentimental moment for sure- bar fringe trims I only had Mads hair cut for the first time recently and she is 5! 😉 x

    • 21/03/2016 / 12:45

      It really is lovely having her come to my house, definitely a lot easier! I remember reading your post on Mads haircut, it’s special however old they are. x

  4. Oh wow what a very special first! It’s funny, it took us ages before we had Kitty’s hair cut because it just grew out straight – Elma on the other hand has about 10 crowns so we had hers cut much earlier and Pip quite early too and they both looked so small! I do have their hair saved though 🙂

    • 21/03/2016 / 12:44

      It’s funny what us mummy’s do isn’t it? Not sure exactly what I will ever do with the hair, but I am pleased I have kept it! It was a lovely moment to capture x

  5. 20/03/2016 / 22:40

    That’s really nice that you have had your hairdresser for so long, I am yet to find the perfect one or find the time so at home must be really helpful with the little ones. A first hair cut is a lovely moment to document X

    • 21/03/2016 / 12:40

      I know, I am lucky! Good hairdressers are hard to find.x

  6. 21/03/2016 / 09:54

    Lovely post. I remember Alfie having his first hair cut when he was 9 months old and he’s been regularly since then. His hair was a bit wild and grew outwards when he was younger, but since turning 3, there’s less curls and it now sticks up at all sorts of angles haha. My hairdresser also recently left the salon she worked at and went mobile and it’s just the best thing ever isn’t it 🙂 So cute that she brought the book to you too 🙂 xx

    • 21/03/2016 / 12:38

      Thank you. It’s just a big moment in their life isn’t it? Oh yes, I love having her come to my house, it’s fab x

  7. Aww well done Holly – love the photos and how sweet that she read a book to you afterwards. Always good to have someone you trust to do your children’s hair – my mother in law has a mobile hairdresser come to her house and we always go round and get the girls hair cut then 🙂

    • 21/03/2016 / 12:35

      She was a little cutie. It is fab when you can get it done at home to make life easier x

  8. 25/03/2016 / 21:46

    This is so sweet! My Bean has loads of hair so we had to have it cut for the first time when he was only 10 months old. I never wrote about but I remember it so clearly – they do suddenly seem much more grown up, don’t they. I have to sat I’m jealous of you having such a trusted hairdresser though! I’ve moved around a lot and finding a new one I like in every new place is always such an ordeal … #theordinarymoments

  9. 21/08/2016 / 18:48

    Sweet. I used to hack at N’s because I refused to pay the extortionate prices for a trim round here. But he loves having his hair cut at the barber’s (2 women – probably because they hand out lollies, or a Freddo for him afterwards). He also doesn’t mind sitting while I have mine done. I’m impressed you’ve stuck with the same hair dresser all that time. I’d been to my previous ones for about 13 years (2 sisters who I could go to either), they’d set up on their own at one of their houses and I went to them, but they just couldn’t do my fringe right So I changed to another salon which was fine – until 10 weeks later it closed. I tracked down the hairdresser I liked but she was working out of her house – rented, in a rough area of town, and I didn’t like having my hair washed over her bath in a house share! So I found a new salon which is great. No problem getting appointments, they’ve not cancelled an appointment on me yet unlike my old hairdressers, and they’ve been voted best in the town for the last 3 years. The only problem is my current hairdresser is now pregnant. Damn female hairdressers! So I’ll have t try and get the guy owner to do it and hope my usual one comes back after her mat leave.