Feeling Disconnected…The Ordinary Moments

Feeling Disconnected…The Ordinary Moments

This time of year I just want to be at home all the time, in fact I always just want to be at home. But with the cold weather it makes me want to be at home even more than normal. I just love the comfort of my own home, Holly and I have a weekly routine whilst Alice is at school and it really suits us.

It’s not like we don’t leave the house, we have Holly’s swimming classes and ballet classes. We also always go and meet up with my mum, but we also have lots of time at home. And when Holly is at preschool for 2 days of the week, I really do just stay at home. Mainly because I’m working, but also because I just love being here.

It has made me feel a bit disconnected with people and life really. I’ve not met up with friends for coffee like I normally do, or arrange any playdates for Holly. And of course that is partly all down to me. I haven’t made the effort to contact people and organise things.

I know that it’s in my control to some extent to change how I’m feeling. But as time goes on I feel really anxious about reaching out to people and asking them if they want to meet up. Which is probably really irrational and all in my head, but that’s just how I am.

I know that as the weeks roll on and spring arrives, I will hopefully want to get out more and not feel like hibernating quite so much. I’m always going to be someone that loves to be at home, but I need to push myself more to get out.

When it comes to the girls I always do it, as I know they want to do things, see people and go to places. I’m just not very good when it’s just me.

It’s half term now and once Alice goes back to school, I’m going to make more effort to get myself back out there.

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  1. 11/02/2018 / 08:54

    Oh hun, its difficult once you get into a habit. I am sure they are missing seeing you. I cant wait for us all to get together even if is not for a little while xx #OrdinaryMoments

  2. 12/02/2018 / 14:01

    Ah lovely I feel the same. Especially now I am back in work I just want to spend my 2 free days at home playing with Alfie. However I feel disconnected and a little lonely – my life is so different now Harri is in school – playdates that I had with Harri are no longer and I have struggled with this change. No advice but you’re not alone. #ordinarymoments

  3. 12/02/2018 / 22:16

    i have felt this too these last few weeks Laura. And sometimes its hard to break out of. I hope that with the approach of Spring time and a new half term you can get to where you want to be. If not just enjoy home and your little ones x #OrdinaryMoments

  4. 12/02/2018 / 23:40

    Ahh I get like this through the winter, partly because it’s just too cold and miserable to make the effort to get out and partly because why children are always ill! Roll on the spring I say! If only we lived closer. xxx

  5. 13/02/2018 / 11:01

    I hope you manage to get back out there soon. I rarely meet friends but do enjoy going for a coffee on my own and doing a bit of work in the cafe to get out of the house when the girls are at school and preschool, it makes you feel better when you make the effort to go out doesn’t it?

  6. 14/02/2018 / 14:36

    Ah I do feel the desire to hibernate with the rain and cold weather present. Bring on the warmth and connecting with people again. #ordinarymoments

  7. 15/02/2018 / 17:58

    I get like this through the winter, partly because it’s just too cold and miserable to make the effort to get out. It’s hard and the kids don’t want too. Hopefully, it’s better soon xx

  8. 16/02/2018 / 20:49

    I blame the weather completely! I have been all over the place the last few weeks with chicken pox, busy weekends and being away this last week that everything else has gone on the back burner. I’m sure normal service will resume once spring has sprung! x