Falling In Love with Her Zoomer Zupps…

Falling In Love with Her Zoomer Zupps…

The minute Alice met Posy her Zoomer Zupps pup she fell in love and I can see why, he is pretty cute. Posy is a golden retriever and he has a secret trick…

What is a Zoomer Zupp? He is a tiny pup that needs your love and responds to your love. The more you play with him the happier he will be!

He has adorable light up eyes too…

Alice quickly learnt what she needed to do to get Posy to do certain things. From petting his head quickly, Posy will bark and pant happily. If you pet and hold his head he will bark “I love you”, which is very cute and Alice loves it.

Alice played with Posy for ages, showing him how to sit…

Showing him how to walk…

Another favourite is press his nose once or twice in a row and he makes cute sounds. If you press and hold his nose, he will make a kissing sound. Alice of course had to kiss him back.

There are not many toys that hold Alice’s attention for long, but she played with Posy for the whole of Holly’s nap. Talking to him, feeding him and giving him a sleep.

What is his special trick I hear you ask! To find out you have to pet his head and then quickly press his nose twice… Posy’s secret trick is a Happy Howl.

Each Zoomer Zupp comes with a fun game. To start the game, you pet his head and press his nose at the same time. It’s called the Bark Back game, Posy will bark and flash his eyes is a specific pattern. You then pet his head to repeat the pattern. If you get three in a row, you win!

It took Alice a bit of practice to understand what she needed to press to repeat the pattern, but once she grasped it she loved it.

You can adopt the whole litter of Zoomer Zupps…along with Posy, there is also Biscuit, Barkhem, Diva, Flare and Coco to collect. They all have a different secret trick too!

The Zoomer Zupps RPP is £14.99 and you can buy them here. The recommended age is 4+.

I don’t think it will be long before we welcome home another Zoomer Zupp, as they are a big hit in our house!

Disclosure: We were sent our Zoomer Zupp in return for an honest review. As always all views and opinions are my own.



  1. 17/03/2017 / 13:21

    She looks so happy with her Zoomer Zupp and no wonder, it’s great when you find something that helps to teach them interactively. The recognising and repeating the pattern game sounds like a great way to get some sneaky learning in too. Think I will have to put these on the list of possible gifts for our nephew, he’d love a toy like this… and it might delay the ‘can I have a dog’ routine for a little longer too!

  2. Angela Milnes
    19/03/2017 / 00:07

    This looks really interesting. I’m sure it is something Sylvia would be interested in as a huge dog lover. I think it is great that there is a game to play and it’s not just a pet dog but also has a fun/ educational/ cognitive aspect to it. it’s a funny name “Zoomer Zupp” but sounds like great fun!

  3. 19/03/2017 / 21:29

    What a cute toy! I am going to have to add this to Gracie’s birthday list as I know she will love it! I’ll be honest I think I’d love one too haha!

  4. 20/03/2017 / 07:17

    This toy looks absolutely adorable! I love toys that’s respond like this. I wish they’d had these around when I was growing up, it would have been my favourite toy by far!

  5. 20/03/2017 / 09:08

    Oh how adorable is this zoomer zupp! When I read that he barks “I love you” I was sold! I love that he’s a small size, perfect for kiddies to hold & bring around. And the game is a great idea. The secret trick is intriguing… will have to check them out! x

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