Falling In Love With Num Noms…

Falling In Love With Num Noms…

For some reason we haven’t come across Num Noms before, they seem to have passed the girls by. But they were very happy when they were sent a bundle of Num Noms goodies to start their collection.

In fact they were very excited when they saw that they had been sent a Num Noms Glitter Lip Gloss Truck. My girls are obsessed with lip gloss and to have a truck where they could make their own blew their minds.

The Lip Gloss truck comes with everything you need to make your own lip gloss and they couldn’t wait to get started. The mixing cup, swirl top and spatula is on top of the truck and you start by removing this.

Then take the seal off the lip gloss container and divide the gloss into 8 slices. Using the spatula you remove one slice and place it into the mixing bowl. Then you add the colour from a choice of 2 bottles and stir it in. Then the girls favourite part, you add the glitter to it.

Once that is all mixed in you remove the lip gloss top from the holder and place it under the dispenser on the truck. Then remove the plunger from the top of the dispenser and scoop your lip gloss into the opening. Press the plunger downward and twist to dispense the gloss into the holder.

Once it’s finished cover the lip gloss holder with a Nom lip gloss top to store your lip gloss. Alice was a very happy little girl with hers.

You can pop an Num in the drivers seat and take your truck for a ride.

Pop your Num lip glosses on the truck and you are ready to go!

We were also sent a magazine pack which was full of stickers, pencil, notebook, purse and a keyring that they loved.

You can buy the Num Noms Glitter Lip Gloss Truck RRP £29.99 from Smyths Toys, The Entertainer and all other toy shops.

It’s safe to say that my girls have fallen in love with Num Noms and I know what will be on their Christmas lists this year.

Disclosure: We were kindly sent our Num Noms products in return for an honest review. All views, opinions and photos are my own.


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