Extending Our House, Without Compromising Our Style…

Extending Our House, Without Compromising Our Style…

When we brought our house it was the living space that was important to us. Yes, its nice to have reasonable size bedrooms, but we don’t spend much time in them and it’s the living space that we made sure would work for us as a family.

The design of our house really works well for us, we have an open plan kitchen and dining area, with patio doors that open out into the garden. With the sunny days now arrived, it’s great to throw open the doors and make the garden an extension of the house.

Our garden is a good size and if we wanted to in the future there is the option to extend our living space. But of course these days there are so many different options available to you. I would want to create a space that worked in both the winter and the summer. Making sure that it felt a natural extension to the house and not an add on.

An option that I’ve seen recently that I think works well if you don’t want an extension or a conservatory. is a LivinRoom Orangery. It gives you both solid and glazed extensions, with lots of natural light. Whilst also creating that cosy feel we all like and of course some privacy.

The space that it would give us would mean that while the girls were playing in the garden, I could relax inside. I can’t sit in the sun like I used to and on a colder day when they still want to enjoy the garden. I can enjoy my coffee in comfort and still keep an eye on them.

It would also be a lovely space for Andy and I to enjoy on a summer’s evening when the girls are asleep. To enjoy a glass of wine and sit out there putting the world the rights, without the distraction of the television would be pretty wonderful too.

And lets not forget how much I would love to style it and I already have a Pinterest board in preparation for my dream to become a reality…

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