Siblings, Holidays and Love…Happy Days #4

Siblings, Holidays and Love…Happy Days #4

I love this linky by ‘What Katy Said’ and ‘Quite Frankly She Said’ called Happy Days.

Here is what Katy and Sian say about it…

The idea of this linky is to inspire others to make the best out of every day, to see the happy in the little things. As no matter what, there is always something good in every single day- we just need to take the time to see it.

This week has seen the end of Easter Holidays and Alice went back to preschool for two days this week. Even though she doesn’t go everyday, I do miss her and it has been lovely having no routine and clock to watch for nearly three weeks.

Here we go, lets talk happy moments…

bullet heartWatching my girls together. Every day Holly gets more involved and they are starting to play really well together. I adore watching the sibling relationship.

bullet heartGoing to visit my nan who is ninety five years old, with my mum and my girls. Four generations all together in one room. I have a special relationship with my nan and I love that my girls enjoy going to see Great Nan, just as much as I do.

bullet heart

Booking a second holiday. Andy and I decided at Christmas that instead of buying each other a present, we would have a two holidays before Alice starts school in September. Making the most of the time before we are ruled by school holidays. My parents are coming with us on this one and my girls are going to love it.

bullet heart

The girls and I went out for dinner with my mum, it’s the first time we have been with it just being the four of us. We had a great time and the girls were really well behaved. They love their nanny so much and we are lucky to have my parents close by.

bullet heartAlice telling me she loves me and is going to keep me forever. She is such an affectionate little girl and I cherish these moments.

Lots of family time this week, which is the best kind…have a great week everyone!


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  1. 16/04/2016 / 07:59

    I love it when they are so loving to you and others; it is so adorable and innocent. Lucky lady going on holiday again. We have just moved so think may have to pass this year. Have a lovely weekend xx #happydays

  2. There's always time for tea
    16/04/2016 / 09:54

    Sounds like you have had a lovely, busy week! xx #Happydayslinky

  3. 16/04/2016 / 10:12

    What a lovely week! We do a lot of holidays with my parents – I love having them around (great for the odd babysitting night!), and Max loves it too. It’s lovely to spend time all together – holidays are such an important part of family life. I loved that comment from Alice – it’s moments like those that are so special! #HappyDays

    • 16/04/2016 / 14:56

      It is fab going away with grandparents, everyone is a winner! It really is those special moments x

  4. 16/04/2016 / 20:46

    I love your idea of a second holiday instead of gifts, that’s a great idea. So lovely to have so much time with your mum and nan. Thanks for linking up to #HappyDaysLinky x

    • 17/04/2016 / 16:33

      Thanks, I can’t wait to have lots of family time. So much more than any gift I would have received, that I probably didn’t really need x

  5. 17/04/2016 / 08:25

    There is nothing better than your kids telling you they love you, so sweet x

  6. 22/04/2016 / 20:02

    Awwww going to keep you forever! That is so gorgeous!!! Adore that photo, what a cutie. Thank you so much for sharing in #HappyDaysLinky x