Easter Crispy Chocolate Fridge Cake…

Easter Crispy Chocolate Fridge Cake…

As a child I loved to bake and I would spend a lot of my childhood baking in the kitchen with my mum. When I became a mum I couldn’t wait to start baking with Alice and it seems that Alice has got a love of baking too. It’s what she always asks to do when she isn’t at school.

Today I’m sharing one of our favourite recipes to do at Easter. It’s an easy one to do with children and they love them!

Easter Crispy Chocolate Fridge Cake


300g dark chocolate, broken into chunks

100g butter, diced

140g golden syrup

1 tsp vanilla extract

200g biscuit, roughly chopped

100g sultana

85g rice krispies

100g mini eggs

How To Make It

  1. Melt the chocolate, butter and golden syrup in a bowl set over a pan of simmering water, stirring occasionally until smooth.

2. Place the biscuits in a freezer bag and seal. We used digestive biscuits, but others would work just as well. Break them into chunks.

3. Add the vanilla, biscuits, sultanas and Rice Krispies and mix well until it is all coated in chocolate.

4. Line a 20x30cm tin with baking paper and tip the mixture into the tin.

5. Flatten it down and even it out.

6. Press in some mini eggs (you can choose to leave these out)

7. Place it in the fridge until it is set

8. Once set, cut into squares and enjoy!


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  1. 14/03/2018 / 08:55

    These look so yummy! I’m going to bookmark this so I can make them with the kids x

  2. 14/03/2018 / 08:57

    Ooh this looks yummy. Crispy cakes always take me back to school and the best chocolate krackel ever!

  3. 14/03/2018 / 12:47

    Mmm this looks lovely! I am instantly hungry and need to go and find chocolate immediately!

  4. 14/03/2018 / 13:49

    These look like so much fun to make, and super yummy too. My daughter and I will have to give this a go!