A Day In The Life Of…Vie Choufleur

A Day In The Life Of…Vie Choufleur

I’m back with another A Day In The Life Of… It’s a chance for other bloggers to share what a typical day looks like for them. I’m proper nosey and I love to see what people get up to in their day. It’s also a great chance for you to find some more blogs that you might like to follow.

Today we have Halina from Vie Choufleur, Halina shares her life with her husband and their son.

Here is what a typical day looks like for her…

06:30: My husband gets up and gets in the shower. Or, I kick my husband to wake him up and get him into the shower. Either or. TD, our four-year-old, wakes up any time between 06:00 and 07:30…today is one of the good ones. You know. The 07:30 ones.

07:00: I dose myself up on hayfever meds, then get up and jump in the shower. I try to get ready for the day before TD wakes up, but sometimes I do end up getting his breakfast with wet hair or only half my clothes on.

07:30: TD wakes up, and depending on which room I’m in makes himself comfy somewhere with the iPad. I try to escape the joys of Toddler YouTube but it isn’t always possible. Ugh.

07:45: TD scoffs the cereal and fresh fruit I bring him, and I down a strong black coffee and a pint of water. Absolute champs for setting me up for the day ahead.

08:00: From now until 09:00 I flit between the bathroom (morning skincare routine), window (makeup application), kitchen (breakfast), and office (diary updating, emails). Oh, and lay out Flat TD. Flat TD is something that I stupidly did one day and now must do forever. It’s basically TD’s clothes for the day laid out on the bed to form a boy shape. He loves it, and it does encourage him to start getting dressed, brushing his teeth etc.

09:00: We’re out the door and into the car to head to preschool. TD goes for two full days, two mornings, and one afternoon per week. He normally requests that we film silly videos of him dancing to the radio music in the front seat once we arrive and are waiting for the doors to open.

09:30: I get home and start my day. I tend to have set days for certain household tasks, because I’m anal and boring. On Mondays I hoover. On Tuesdays I clean the bathrooms. I could also be taking photos for the blog, writing blog posts, responding to emails, doing blog admin, editing photos, or even filming something for a vlog. In all honesty though, some days I just sit in front of the TV and binge-watch a show and do some crochet.

12:00: I head off to pick up TD. I have to take a snack with me, because BOY does that boy get Hungry.

12:30: I fix TD some lunch. He takes a YumBox to preschool on the days he spends lunch there, so I try to avoid packed-lunch type meals on the days he’s at home. Pasta is a big favourite, and I tend to batch-cook huge amounts and freeze them into four-year-old portions for easy lunches. I’ll try to make my lunch at the same time, and we eat together in the kitchen.

13:00: One day per week we do some phonics “lessons” after lunch. I say “lessons” because it’s not like I’m homeschooling. It’s more that at his old preschool in Wokingham, TD did phonics a few times a week. His new preschool doesn’t teach it as in-depth, so I like to try to keep his knowledge topped-up before big school in September. Eek. If we’re not doing phonics then we’re in the garden, checking out the strawberry plants and playing.

13:30-14:00: Depending on the weather we’ll either watch a movie in the living room or head out for the afternoon. There are a few soft play places that we love, especially this one in Nottingham at the moment. Or we’ll go to a nearby park, or playground. Sometimes we’ll go round to my parents’ farm and spend the afternoon playing there. Today, we went to the nearest big park. It was lovely and sunny so TD played in the splash pad before tearing round the playground.

16:30: This time onwards is time for TD’s dinner, unless it’s an evening where he’ll be eating with me and my husband once he gets home from work. If that’s the case, this time is Stuffing Him With Snacks time. He’s a hungry lad. I try to give him something different for dinner each day, and cram as much vegetables in as possible, but it’s hard work. Today’s dinner was an old standard that I know he’ll finish off – fish fingers, beans, sweetcorn, and broccoli.

18:00: My husband gets home from work and TD goes WILD. I’m not exaggerating. He could be super placid and almost ready for bed at 5:55pm, laying on the sofa and watching TV. But, once that door goes, he morphs into an entirely different child. My husband is a gem though and will play with him for the next hour or more. Sometimes though, we’ll all pile on our bed and put a DVD on as a bit of a pre-bedtime treat, which TD loves. Today we all watched Moana.

19:00: TD bedtime! If we haven’t eaten as a family I’ll be making mine and my husband’s dinner downstairs whilst he reads the bedtime stories. TD likes to play in bed before he nods off, and could be awake until 8:30pm or longer. He doesn’t try to come downstairs or get into trouble so we let him play to his heart’s content.

19:30: The adults eat dinner. The brilliant thing about now having a house with a huge kitchen-diner is that we can chill out having dinner at the table, then go through to the living room to flop.

20:00: And flop, we do. My husband does his body weight exercises (yawn) and then we tend to stay on the sofa for the evening. I’ll be crocheting, but we’ll both be watching whatever it is we’re watching together right now – 24, Designated Survivor, Veep, etc.

22:00: Usually bedtime. I always pop in to see TD before I go to bed. I swear, if that kid knew how much I watch him when he sleeps he’d probably have a restraining order out. Apart from that, I like to read before going to sleep, and usually fall asleep with a book or Kindle in my hand…night!

Thank you Halina!

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