A Day In The Life Of…The Sparkle Nest

A Day In The Life Of…The Sparkle Nest

I am so excited to be starting a new series on my blog, called A Day In The Life Of… It’s a chance for other bloggers to share what a typical day looks like for them. I’m proper nosey and I love to see what people get up to in their day. It’s also a great chance for you to find some more blogs that you might like to follow…

Today we have Rebecca from The Sparkle Nest and she is a single mum to two boys, Frey is 22 months and Alfie is 3 months.

Let’s see what they get up to on a typical day…

08.00: Our day usually starts at around 8am, when, usually at around the same time, Alfie will wake for his morning milk and Frey will shout to get out of bed. So I take Alfie into Frey’s room where I feed him his milk, and Frey will usually sit with us and we’ll read a book before I get him dressed. The photo is of Frey grabbing Alfie’s hand a few mornings ago so he could feel all the different textures in ‘That’s not my Fox’
09.00: Breakfast time. These days I usually put together a plate with a pile of toast and some fruit for Frey along with a cup of milk, and we’ll eat our breakfast together in the living room, usually with a bit of CBeebies.
10.00: Playtime! Frey loves books and at the moment his favourite thing to do is read story after story. I’ve just reorganised his toy storage in the living room and he’s still finding it exciting as he rediscovers his old toys that were at the bottom of the old giant toy storage basket! A few days ago he found his musical instruments and he was happy to share them with Alfie as we all sang his current favourite song ‘Row Row Row your boat’ over and over and generally made a lot of noise!
11.00: Milk and a nap for Alfie, he sleeps in his Moses basket in the living room as Frey and I play.
12.00: Lunchtime. I try and make Frey a cooked lunch, usually a pasta bake with vegetables followed by yoghurt. We eat this in the kitchen with Frey in his high chair and Alfie joins us in his bouncy chair.
13.00: Time for some fresh air. We often head out for a walk in the afternoons, we’re lucky to live in the countryside and there are some lovely walks right from our front door. I always start with Frey in the pram, but since he started to walk at 18 months there has been no stopping him and he’s usually shouting to get out! On our last walk he was helping me push the double buggy which was very sweet, he kept stopping to give his little brother a kiss! Alfie will usually nap again on the walk.
15.00: Home for a snack, usually an oaty bar and some milk for Frey, milk for Alfie, and more playtime. Frey doesn’t nap in the day anymore, which is a relief really as he doesn’t seem to need it now, much better than when he did need it and used to fight it, and then I needed to bundle us all into the car to get him to nap whilst driving!
17.00: Teatime. We all head into the kitchen again and I make tea for Frey, who is usually getting tired by this point! He’ll often watch something on YouTube whilst I’m cooking – Peppa Pig is a huge favourite, but I try to mix it up as I’m sure we’ve seen every single episode at least 3 times! I always try to give Alfie some milk while Frey is eating, but usually he doesn’t want it, and just wants a cuddle instead.
18.00: Bath and bedtime. Frey has his bath and Alfie sits in his bouncy chair and watches. Then I get Frey into his pyjamas in the bathroom and take him up to his room, and rush back down to bring Alfie up to join us. We have a story, and during this time, Alfie realises he is hungry now after all, but after some trial and error, I prioritise Frey’s bedtime and try to calm Alfie by bouncing his chair with my foot, as I’m cuddling Frey for story time. Frey will ask for book after book, I’m sure he’d be happy to stay there like this all night!
19.30: Alfie and I leave Frey to sleep in his room and come back downstairs where he has his milk, and then I make myself something to eat.
20.00: Time for Alfie’s bath and bedtime, sometimes we’ll have a bit of baby massage and usually a lot of smiling and gurgling as he’s just finding his voice!
21.00: Alfie is usually asleep in his crib in my bedroom by now, I often make the mistake of getting into bed while he falls asleep and then I need to drag myself out of it again!
21.30: Time to tidy up the chaos of the day, washing up, washing, putting clothes out to dry, tidying away toys and books.
22.30: A glass of wine, some snacks, and an episode or two of Grey’s Anatomy for me! Well actually, that was in December. In January I’ve been swapping my glass of wine for a chamomile tea and have banished my packets of crisps in an effort to lose my baby weight!
23.30: Bedtime for me, each night thinking ‘I really should have gone to bed earlier’. Alfie usually wakes at around 1am and 5am for a feed and usually a change too, although some nights he has been dropping his 1am feed and waking at 4am and 8am instead.. and on those days I really do feel more rested!
If you would like to find out more about Rebecca, head over to her blog or follow her on twitter.
If you would like to take part in my A Day In The Life Of… Series, drop me an email at [email protected] I would love to have you.


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  1. 25/01/2017 / 09:31

    Oh this is a nice series. Reading this makes me miss those pre-school days of getting up at 8 and not having to be anywhere in particular.

  2. 25/01/2017 / 11:01

    Lovely series, and a great way to find new bloggers. Will drop you an email although mine will be a bit more boring (and hard to decide on a specific day).

  3. 26/01/2017 / 09:58

    It’s great to have a looksee into peoples day to day lives. We are all so different and I am so so nosey! Sarah #SharingTheBlogLove

  4. 29/01/2017 / 22:12

    It’s funny how busy our days are now that we have children isn’t it. What did we ever do before them?