A Day In The Life Of…Sophie’s Nursery

A Day In The Life Of…Sophie’s Nursery

I’m back with another A Day In The Life Of… It’s a chance for other bloggers to share what a typical day looks like for them. I’m proper nosey and I love to see what people get up to in their day. It’s also a great chance for you to find some more blogs that you might like to follow.

Today we have Lauren from Sophie’s Nursery, Lauren lives with her husband and daughter Sophie.

Here is what a typical day looks like for her…

07.00: Sophie usually wakes around this time hopefully after 12 hours of sleep! I normally get woken up by the sounds of ‘uh-hoo, uh-hoo’ (pretend crying) and “Mommyyyyyy”. In other words Sophie is ready to get up! Sometimes, if I’m really lucky, she will sit in her cot and play with her teddies or read her books which means daddy & I get few minutes extra rest before getting ready for work!

I then take Sophie downstairs & she always has some milk – the world would end if it wasn’t there for her! She often watches an episode of Peppa Pig on TV, plays with her toys or an activity I’ve set up for the week. I open my laptop and spend half an hour catching up on all of the social media for my blog from the previous day. 


7.30: I then go and get our breakfast ready. We usually have cereal & toast with fruit or yogurt. I always give her breakfast before we get washed & dressed otherwise it ends up all down her clothes despite the bib! Breakfast normally takes quite a long time as she is not the fastest eater… 

8.00: We both go upstairs to shower. Sophie lets me do her hair as long as she has a towel nearby to dry her eyes. She carries on playing with her bath toys while I dry off. I get Sophie out, do her nappy and let her run around (she normally pulls all my jewellery out and attempts to put it on) whilst I do make-up, hair & get dressed. I then dry her hair (something she enjoys) & put her hair in a ponytail (more of a battle!). She helps choose her clothes (or so she thinks!) & I get her dressed. Around this time we wave goodbye to daddy.

09.00: This is when we normally get ready to go out as we try and avoid the rush hour. Most days we drive over to Grandma’s which takes about 30 minutes through quite a lot of countryside. We ‘sing’ & talk about what we can see out of the window. Meanwhile I am alert for pheasants who although very beautiful must be some of the dimmest birds known to man (& woman). They definitely don’t know the highway code!!!

09.30: We arrive at Grandma’s and Sophie gets really excited when she recognises the house. We hold hands down the drive and she continually knocks on the door until Grandma or Grandad answer. After a hug she runs in, grabs her slippers and sits on the stairs until someone puts them on her! We have a drink, Sophie has a snack and we have a chat whilst Sophie starts pulling out ALL of her toys.


10.30: If we are going out somewhere, we normally start heading off around this time. After putting away Peppa Pig’s house, aeroplane and countless sticker books. We put our shoes on and get in Grandma’s car (great way to save my fuel!). We sometimes go shopping – the local retail park has some large toy shops that Sophie loves! But where we go does change regularly so it could be going to the park, walking in the woods, wildlife spotting in nature reserves, looking at plants in various garden centres, play dates, swimming or visiting family elsewhere. We also do lots of days out – Sophie’s favourites are any places with animals!



12.00: Lunchtime! We normally try to be back at Grandma’s for lunch (or take lunch with us). We will all sit down together as we find Sophie will eat a lot more veg if she thinks she is having the same as us! She is generally a good eater and will happily sit in a high chair throughout. She has got into a bit of a bad habit where she will eat one bite of her lunch and then demand a yogurt (“gogurt”). We found that, if we let her have one rather than fight it, she is then willing to eat the rest of her food. 


13.00: Sophie ‘should’ be going down for her nap at this time, but it is really quite rare that she has a nap unless she falls asleep in the car. Sadly, she has been trying to drop them for many months now, but if she does nap I try and get some work done on my blog. However, it is not unusual for me to spend the WHOLE day with Sophie running around without stopping. I wish I had her energy! 

14.30: IF Sophie has slept, she normally wakes up around this time. We have a drink, snuggles and watch CBeebies while she wakes up. It normally takes her about 15 minutes to stop being a grizzly monster! We spend the rest of the afternoon with Grandma either playing, doing crafts, colouring, gardening or helping with the housework (Sophie loves doing washing & emptying the dishwasher!). She also takes great delight in ordering us around all afternoon and ensuring, if we sit down, we are all sat in our Sophie allocated chair. If one of us deigns to sit in someone else’s chair we get promptly told off and told to move! However, it is fine for HER to sit in our chair when we aren’t looking! 


17.00: We leave to go home and sing songs in the car to try and stop her from falling asleep if she hasn’t napped! If she slept at this time we would have NO CHANCE at bedtime!

17.30: Back home I make Sophie’s dinner and sit with her while she eats it. Again, we have the ‘yogurt problem’. Sadly, we can’t eat together as a family as she would just be too hungry by the time Daddy gets home.

18.00: I often put CBeebies on so Sophie can watch the bedtime hour which really helps wind her down. However, this is also the time Daddy may arrive home and, if he is early, all hope of calm goes out the window! She absolutely loves seeing Daddy and gets so excited! They play together for about 45 minutes with me interjecting with, “Can you not throw her in the air as she’s just had her tea!?” or “Can you put the cushions back on the sofa, the living room is not an obstacle course!?” All of this shouting is coming from the kitchen as I am preparing mine & Daddy’s dinner.

18.45: We head upstairs to start the bath and Daddy watches her while I tidy up. When it’s time to come out, we get Sophie in her pyjamas, clean her teeth and then Daddy reads her a story. She then takes the book into bed with her to look at herself.  


19.00: Sophie is in bed, sometimes asleep, sometimes reading which means it’s time for our dinner. We then tidy up any last bits downstairs and settle down on the sofa for the evening. We always put the TV on and catch up on our recorded shows. Daddy has a G&T & I have the laptop on to do lots more blogging! I’ve become an expert at working and watching TV at the same time! 

21.00: It may seem early, but we now head off to bed. Daddy faffs around downstairs doing all sorts of bits & bobs for the next day so I like to take this chance to read a bit of my book. He then comes upstairs with the laptop and we put Netflix on. We normally watch 2 episodes of something (at the moment it is Mad Men) and then we’re both so tired we normally fall asleep before it finishes! 

**DISCLAIMER – I haven’t mentioned the numerous nappy changes (and me often forgetting to bring enough spares!), the possessive shout of “MINE” when trying to get Sophie to share (we’re getting there…), her dismantling of shop displays, the running off when trying to put her reins on and the tantrums when she doesn’t get her own way…  However, most days are a pleasure, if exhausting, and I wouldn’t change it for the world (although it would be nice to get some more work done!) xx

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  1. 05/07/2017 / 19:27

    That’s a perfect schedule! 9 to bed is really a good time and honestly we try to achieve that time to hit bed many days but it is too hard! Hope she sleeps through the night and let you have a good sleep! It is too hard for me to have a deep sleep and I woke up to every little sound they make in the next bedroom while they are asleep 🙂