A Day In The Life Of…Rachel Bustin

A Day In The Life Of…Rachel Bustin

I’m back with another A Day In The Life Of… It’s a chance for other bloggers to share what a typical day looks like for them. I’m proper nosey and I love to see what people get up to in their day. It’s also a great chance for you to find some more blogs that you might like to follow.

Today we have Rachel who blogs at Rachel Bustin. Rachel lives with her husband and their daughter in beautiful Cornwall.

Here is what a typical day looks like for her…

04.45: The alarm goes off, why is it time to get up already? It feels as if I have just gone to sleep. I slowly drag myself out of bed to get showered and dressed into my uniform for work. This gives baby girl an extra 20 mins of sleep.

05.05: I’m still breastfeeding baby girl after 15 months so I feed her for half an hour, before we have to leave to get to my mums.

05.50: Get baby girl and myself into the car after I have snuggled her up into her all in one bear suit. She normally falls asleep straight away for the 25 minute car journey.

06.15: We arrive at mums where mum settles her in and she plays for a while before mum gives her breakfast. I leave for work at 6:30am from there.

07.00I start my 9 hour shift at work, I phone my mum on my breaks to check in on baby girl.

( If it’s a non working day we are just getting up! We then get dressed and head down for breakfast, baby girl’s choice at the moment is porridge. After breakfast I normally always have some errands to run, so we pop to the shops and after to the park, or to Toddler Sense classes. We are home for 12:00 pm for lunch. By 1:30 pm baby girl is wanting her bottle milk. She has follow on milk during the day. She normally falls asleep for her nap straight after and will sleep until 3:30pm. We then have playtime until it’s tea-time!)

16.00: I finish work and go and pick up baby girl. She always so excited to see me and in her own toddler speak she lets me know all about her day. I miss her terribly while I’m at work.

17:00: We arrive home, I get tea on straight away for her and it cooks/heats up while I’m getting changed. I always try to bulk cook meals on my days off, so it’s easier to just heat up when I get home.

18.30: We start to get ready for bed, I brush her teeth, while my husband prepares the bath.

19.00: I breast-feed baby girl every night before bed. It’s our quiet time together and I have to say my favourite time of the day. I know eventually she will want to give up the boob, but for now it’s her comfort.

20.00: It’s 8pm by the time I have settled her and she’s in a deep sleep. So I head downstairs to start my evening job – blogging! This is me time, I sit next to my husband while blogging so we do spend a little time together. He is really interested in the blog so we love to chat about it while I’m typing away. He does have free reign on the TV!

22.00: We both head up to bed shattered. By this time baby girl is starting to wake up, so for us all to get some sleep she normally comes into our bed. We then all sleep soundly until that dreaded alarm…

If you would like to find out more about Rachel, head over to her blog or follow her on Twitter , Facebook or Instagram.

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  1. Rachel Bustin
    21/06/2017 / 16:37

    Thanks fo having me. I love the idea of this series

  2. 21/06/2017 / 21:42

    My OH has free rein of the tv in the evenings too. Even though he mostly just falls asleep!

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