A Day In The Life Of…Pondering Parenthood

A Day In The Life Of…Pondering Parenthood

I’m back with another A Day In The Life Of… It’s a chance for other bloggers to share what a typical day looks like for them. I’m proper nosey and I love to see what people get up to in their day. It’s also a great chance for you to find some more blogs that you might like to follow.

Today we have Jules from Pondering Parenthood, Jules lives with her husband and daughter, Little M.

Here is what a typical day looks like for her…

No two days are quite the same, but we generally follow the same kind of routine. I’m a supply teacher and work one day a week usually. On these days, we are lucky that grandparents share the childcare at our house, so Little M’s routine stays roughly the same. Little M has just turned one. Thankfully, she is a sleeper! When I’m not working, our day looks something like this:

07.30: Usually Little M is awake by this time. Sometimes it can be as early as 6am, but generally she wakes up at around 7:00 or 7:15. Instead of crying, Little M now sits up in her cot and chatters to herself, waiting for me to come into her room to get her up. This usually gives me time to grab a very quick shower. If she’s having an impatient morning, then I wait until her first naptime.

08.00: By this time we’re downstairs for breakfast. Little M loves breakfast, and usually has banana and yoghurt. If we have any strawberries, then it’s a bonus as they’re her favourite! 

08.30: Once we’ve finished breakfast, we head to the living room and play on the floor together for about half an hour. Once it gets close to 9am, Little M starts showing me signs that she needs her first nap. She does love her sleep!

09.00: I take Little M up to her nursery for her milk and put her down for her nap. Once she’s asleep, I get stuck into some blog work on the laptop.

10.30: Little M is usually awake by this time, on Thursdays, we have a Tiny Talk class that we go to, so I wake Little M up a little earlier. Then it’s a quick change and a dash to the car!

10.45: Tiny Talk class lasts for an hour. It’s a mixture of songs, signing and free play. Little M loves it! I’d highly recommend it if you have a class in your area. 

12:00: By midday we’re back home after Tiny Talk, and Little M goes straight down for her second nap of the day. I take the opportunity to do a bit more blog work or prepare dinner for later (the most stressful part of the day!). I may do a bit of housework, but if I’m honest, it’s unlikely! Housework isn’t really my forte! 

14.30: Little M usually wakes up around this time (I did say that she likes her sleep!) and we head down to the kitchen for lunch. This seems to take forever so we’re lucky if we’re finished by 3:15pm!

15.15: This is the time of day where we usually head out somewhere. To the supermarket, a walk to the park or shops or out to meet friends. If we’re feeling lazy then we play in the living room or garden. 

17.00: Affectionately known as the witching hour in our house, this is when Little M gets her grump on. Of course it’s also the same time that I need to get dinner ready! This is why I try to chop vegetables during Little M’s naptime as it makes this part of the day a lot less stressful! Because we live in a townhouse and our living room is upstairs from the kitchen, I can’t just leave Little M playing with her toys, which I think would be her preferred option! We are thinking about changing our kitchen around a bit to create more of a living area in there, which will hopefully reduce the stress levels a bit!

17.30: Hubby arrives home from work around now and gives Little M some attention while I finish off dinner. We sit down to dinner as a family, and all eat the same meal; something I’ve been determined to achieve every night since Little M has been weaning. Some days dinner is later than others!

18.30: We’ve usually finished eating dinner by now and head back up to the living room for a little play. Little M loves this time playing with her daddy, and they read a story together before Daddy goes to run her bath at around 6:45pm.

19.00: Bath time. I know this is a little later than some families do bath time, but it works for us, and Little M. Daddy does bath time while I get Little M’s milk ready, and tidy up the toys in the living room.

19.30: Little M is all ready for bed and I come up and give her some milk, while hubby goes and tidies the kitchen (he’s a gem!). 

19.45: I put Little M down in her cot and she settles herself off to sleep. I then go down to the kitchen and help hubby finish off the tidying up. We then have the evening together in the living room. 

22.00: Hubby usually goes up to bed and I spend another hour or so working on my laptop, before hitting the sack. 

If you would like to find out more about Jules, head over to her blog or follow her on Twitter , Facebook or Instagram.

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