A Day In The Life Of…This Is Me Now

A Day In The Life Of…This Is Me Now

I’m back with another A Day In The Life Of… It’s a chance for other bloggers to share what a typical day looks like for them. I’m proper nosey and I love to see what people get up to in their day. It’s also a great chance for you to find some more blogs that you might like to follow.

Today we have the lovely Susie from This Is Me Now, Susie lives in Norfolk with her husband Matt and daughter Miss Belle. They are expecting their second child in January.

Here is what a typical day looks like for Susie…

07:00 Miss Belle usually wakes up at 7am, sometimes 6.30am but mostly it’s around 7am. She used to wake and sort of whimper or cry out every few minutes, now she wakes and screams/shouts “Muuuuuuuummmmyyyyy!” so there is no ignoring her for a few minutes whilst I come round! Matt’s alarm goes off at 6:45 so he’s usually downstairs having his breakfast. I go through and change her nappy. Then she stands at the top of the stairs and asks Daddy to bring her milk up and a banana. She’s so demanding!
We climb back into my bed and have a cuddle, sometimes we will put the TV on, but mostly Daddy will bring us her milk, a cup of tea for me and a banana and we will have that in bed. She then likes to get down and see Daddy get ready for work whilst I sit and have my cuppa and listen to the radio! I sometimes feel a bit guilty that we can take it so lazily in the mornings but I figure I should enjoy this time before the school run stuff starts!
08:00 Matt goes to work so we wave at the window, usually from her nursery, or if we’ve already gone downstairs from the sofa on the lounge. We then go for breakfast, we both have cereal.
08:30 We head back upstairs and it’s time for a bit of Peppa Pig or Whisper to entertain her whilst I get a shower and get dressed. Then I get her ready and we go back downstairs. If we’re not going out until mid morning I’ll tidy up and she’ll play with some toys in the lounge. 
09:00-10:00 Depending on the day of the week, we will be leaving the house either just after 9am or just before 10am to go to a class. During term time we have a toddler group, a soft play class and Tumble Tots on three days of the week. The other day she’s in nursery one full day which is when I get the most of my blogging work done and catch up on house work or any appointments. Then our other day is usually either at home or going out to the park or a couple of local attractions where we have an annual pass. The Dinosaur Park and Pensthorpe Nature Reserve in Norfolk are fantastic for kids. They are outdoorsy with great outdoor and indoor play areas and cafes and lots of animals to look at etc. So we head there a lot on our days when we are free, mostly with a friend and their little ones. If we’re at home we might bake or play in the garden. 
12:00 We will be back from our classes at 11:30am or 12pm so I will get lunch prepared. We sit together and have it in the kitchen, or sometimes if the weather is nice we will have a picnic in the garden.
13:00 Miss Belle always wants to do jigsaw puzzles so we do a few of these then we read some books. She knows that books come before bed and nap time. We tend to read 3 or 4 to wind her down and have some quite time. 
13:30 Nap time – my favourite part of the day! I’m still going to include this even though at 2 and a half she’s kind of on the way to dropping her nap, so it’s a bit hit and miss. Sometimes she won’t nap for two or three days but will then have a giant two hour nap when she really needs it. Mostly she naps from 1.30/2pm for a couple of hours. This is when I whizz into action and either tidy and clean up/do some ironing, or write a blog post and edit photos/schedule things. I am part of a lot of blogging groups on Facebook so I go and check these out too in case there are any brand opportunities or interesting articles to read. I also try to catch up with emails. There is never enough time and I never get it all done!
16:00 Miss Belle will wake and ask for a snack. We then play in the garden, or with her toys and puzzles. I’ll think about getting her tea on.
17:00/17:30 Miss Belle’s tea time – Matt and I usually eat once she’s in bed as he’s often not home until 6 or 6.30pm but on a Friday he’s home earlier so we will eat together. 
18:00 Time for a bit of TV to chill out, then some more puzzles. Daddy arrives home around this time so he gets lots of attention and without fail will be asked to do the Grand Old Duke of York and fling her up about in the air! If it’s nice they’ll go outside on the swing for a bit. 
18:30 Bath time! Matt does this. We only tend to bath her every other night, so if not it’s just straight up to bed for books. I’m usually getting her room ready, her PJs out, toothbrush ready, running downstairs to put the oven on or stir something. It’s all a bit manic! We take it in turns to read her books and put her down. We sing her a couple of nursery rhymes when we put her to bed. 
19:00 Miss Belle can mostly be asleep by 7.30pm, sometimes earlier if she’s not had a nap. But, if she’s had a really long nap it’s not unusual for her to chat and sing away in her cot until gone 8pm. At which point we’re usually downstairs watching TV! 
19:30 Tea time for me and Matt. I’ve usually been preparing it whilst he’s been with her since he got home and doing bath time, or he will take over if I’m reading books. Then we usually watch a bit of TV and clear up the kitchen. If I’ve not had chance to do much blog stuff in the day I will try and do a bit, but I limit myself because it annoys Matt if I’m on my laptop all night. Mostly if I have anything to do it’s just catching up reading blog posts from linky’s I’ve joined. I try to write/edit in the day when I’m less tired! I used to hate it when the football would be on but now if there’s sport on he wants to watch I can blog away guilt free! 
22:00 Time for bed! Every day feels like it’s been a busy day when you have a toddler! 
If you would like to find out more about Susie, head over to her site or follow her on TwitterFacebook or Instagram.
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