A Day In The Life Of…The Newly Weds

A Day In The Life Of…The Newly Weds

I’m back with another A Day In The Life Of… It’s a chance for other bloggers to share what a typical day looks like for them. I’m proper nosey and I love to see what people get up to in their day. It’s also a great chance for you to find some more blogs that you might like to follow.

Today we have Jade from The Newly Weds, Jade lives with her husband and son in Kent.

Here is what a typical day looks like for her…

No two days are the same for us, apart from bedtime. We like to try and keep that the same so that Baby O sleeps through, I can’t risk mixing it up and my much needed shut eye being disturbed. 

06.00: Baby O usually wakes around this time, I hear him on the baby monitor chatting away and blowing raspberries. I leave him for 10 minutes or so, before dragging myself out of bed to plug his dummy back in. Anything for a little more beauty sleep.

07.00: Generally he goes back to sleep until now. Dan and I take it in turns as to who is going to get up and feed him. Our routine is Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Dan is on morning duty and the rest of the week, it’s me. Oliver has a bottle and a bum change and goes back to sleep – yes, he loves his sleep just as much as mummy. 

08.00: We have breakfast – cereal, brioche or crumpets usually and the children will watch TV or play whilst I get some jobs done around the house – hanging washing out, emptying the dishwasher and then doing my morning blog admin – checking emails, approving comments and sending details of any posts that have gone live to relevant brands.

09.00: We finally drag ourselves out of bed, we come downstairs and I pop Oliver in his highchair with some toys whilst I sort the dog out. She goes out in the garden, whilst I prepare her food and boil the kettle. Caffeine is important – very important. 

09.30: Now I have had a cup of tea I can function a little better. I normally put the TV on for the baby around this time. Masha and the bear is his favourite – mummy, not so much. There’s only so many episodes and I’m sure I know the words and songs off by heart to 95% of the episodes.

Whilst Oliver is transfixed on the TV I have some time to get a few jobs done. I wipe down the kitchen sides, empty the dishwasher, wash and sterilise the bottles and then finish with hoovering downstairs. I generally then have something small for breakfast, usually some toast or wheetabix. Nothing that exciting. I also make another cup of tea, although I’m not sure why I do this as it’s always gone cold by time I get to drink it #mumlife

10.00: Olivers breakfast time. His breakfast is usually way more exciting than mine, or at least he thinks it is. He gets SO excited at meal times. I usually give him porridge, wheetabix or yoghurt. And then I generally try to give him some finger food too, so some toast or melon, although this generally gets fed to the dog. 

11:00: If we are staying indoors for the day, this is nap time. Baby O isn’t very good at day time naps. If I have nothing to do apart from veg in front of the TV then I will cuddle him to sleep, but then I can’t move. He is very hit and miss at falling asleep laying down on his own. I try to get a little bit of writing done for my blog at this time. 

11:30: Even if I’m holding him, he will usually only nap for 25 minutes. Yep that’s right. 25 minutes. So I have to be productive in that time. I tend to write blog posts on my phone, because then I always have access to them and can pick it up and put it down according to the bubba. We normally get ready for the day around now, if we are going out in the afternoon. I know that sounds super lazy, but if we get ready before, Oliver is just sick down himself and because I generally wear black i get covered in dog hair. Why anyone would get a dog that malts is beyond me.

12.00: Mummas lunch time. I usually have a jacket potato and tuna or some cous cous and chicken. Oliver is generally playing with his toys again. 

13.00: Time for playgroup. We leave around now to go to the children’s centre. I tend to try and do something every day with the baby, although one day a week we have a PJ day and stay at home all day. 

We really enjoy going to groups at the children’s centres, they are free which is a big bonus when you’re on maternity pay and they always have great craft ideas. 

15.00: Home time. Oliver will generally fall asleep in the car but will wake as soon as the engine turns off. I bring him in and give him a bottle. I tend to try and make him nap again on me. I use the next 25 minutes to get a little more writing done on my phone.

16:00: We get all the toys out with the floor mat and have lots of play time for around an hour. I try to encourage tummy time but he just hates it and screams. He much prefers sitting up, which he has really mastered this week. Ps – Everyone uses a fail safe cushion fort, right? 

17.00: Nap time again. This time it’s usually for about 45minutes. I usually play with the dog in the garden for a bit if the weather is good, and then do some tidying up before hubby gets home from work. 

18.00: I feed the dog and then the baby. Oliver usually has vegetables or whatever we have had for dinner the night before puréed and then some fruit for desert. 

18.30: Daddy is home. Hooray!! Dan usually plays with Oliver some more whilst I get dinner on, clean the sides again and load the dishwasher. I make the baby his bed time bottle a Dan feeds him.

19.00: Baby’s bedtime. He goes straight up into his cot, has one story and then sleep. Again Dan and I take it in turns who is going to put him to bed. 

19.30: We usually eat around this time, which is way too late. But I just can’t seem to get it any earlier

20.00: The final tidying up is done and I go up for a nice warm shower

21.00: I can finally sit down on the sofa and relax. We watch whatever is on TV which is usually nothing, so we end up putting a film on Netflix, and then that’s my cue to fall asleep or we watch some videos on YouTube. 

22.30: I persuade Dan to come to bed, otherwise he would stay up til 1am. I by this point am using match sticks for my eyes. 

23.00: Finally time for some Zzzzzz’s. Dan always watches some rubbish on his Mac in bed. Luckily I can sleep through anything; he then wakes the baby up for one last bum change and bottle. That then sees him through til morning when it all starts again…

If you would like to find out more about Jade, head over to her blog or follow her on Twitter , Instagram or Facebook.

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  1. 01/06/2017 / 19:32

    What a busy day – it’s amazing how the world revolves around children isn’t it. I know my day is completely dictated by them too.