A Day In The Life Of…Living With A Jude

A Day In The Life Of…Living With A Jude

I’m back with another A Day In The Life Of… It’s a chance for other bloggers to share what a typical day looks like for them. I’m proper nosey and I love to see what people get up to in their day. It’s also a great chance for you to find some more blogs that you might like to follow…

Today we have Alice from Living With A Jude her days are so different from mine and before she share’s her day with you, she shares a bit about her life.

Do you sometimes look back at the day just gone and wonder how you coped, when you stopped to breath and if you can possibly face it all over again tomorrow? I feel that regularly. I know I do too much and take on too much stress but what is the alternative? I don’t mean to sound so “woe is me” and I am truly grateful for the wonderful elements of my existence but I would be lying if I said my day to day life is chilled in any way whatsoever. 
My son, Jude has severe learning disabilities and at times (many times) he can incredibly challenging. He’s nearly eleven so when he has a melt down, there is very little I can do. He has Microcephaly, Global Development Delay and autism which combines to form a huge melting pot of confusion, frustration, hilarity, laughter and anger all rolled into one. His melt downs aren’t like a toddlers melt down, children with autism really can’t help it. They can last a looooong time (a couple of hours is his worst) and it’s only been recently that I’ve worked out how to help calm him down. It isn’t pretty and it’s never simple.

Alice’s life is very unpredictable, but here is one day in her life…

06.20: Alarm goes off. I try to get up without waking Emmeline, 17 months (who invariably has got into bed with us). I go downstairs, tidy up from the night before and start to make everyone’s breakfast and put Jude’s packed lunch together. Wake Elsa up at 6.30.
07.00: Leave the house with Elsa (my 8 year old) to go and catch her school coach at 7.15am
07.20: Return home and take over from Joe trying to encourage Emmeline to eat her breakfast. Tend to Jude. Now, this can range from just chatting with him whilst doing chores to a bad day where it can involve defusing a nightmare situation. There are times when I can see Jude is teetering on the brink of a melt down so I will do my best to give him the attention he needs without provoking any triggers.
08.15: After a hideously long 55 minutes with Jude’s anxiety building up, his school bus arrives to collect him. He loves his journey to school as his bus driver is such a lovely guy and makes the drive great fun for Jude.
08.20: Watch Hey Duggee with Emmeline whilst I have a cup of tea and some breakfast.
09.30: Either housework/food shopping/activity with Emmeline. 
11.00: Battle with Emmeline to get her to have a nap! This takes a good ten minutes…
11.15: Jump for joy at my momentary freedom. Do I have a cup of tea and a cake? Go for a snooze? Read a book? I normally use this time to get a bit of writing done, either for my blog or for my book.

12.30: Lunch for Emmeline. Painful, tiresome experience trying to get her to eat something. Anything!

I normally go off to work for an hour or so, so my mum comes over to watch Emmeline. I work as a companion to elderly people so go off to make them lunch, tidy up for them and have a chat for a while. I really enjoy this work, it’s amazing the stories I’ve heard; I feel very humbled to spend my time with them.
15.30: Awaiting the return of Jude…will he be in a good or a crazy mood? 

15.40: Jude home so I start making dinner for him and Emmeline. They eat at about 4.15-4.30 as he’s hungry after school but I don’t want him to start snacking and then not eating anything decent.Jude is always quite happy after school so it’s not too stressful a time.

17.05: We head out to pick Elsa up from the school bus. It stops in the middle of town so only takes a few minutes to get there but parking can sometimes be difficult.
17.30: Home with Elsa. Emmeline is always so happy to see Elsa again and they play together whilst I warm Elsa’s dinner up.
18.00: Bathtime for Emmeline. Thank the Lord…
18.30: Emmeline still breastfeeds so we go into her room and settle her down for the night. Or at least the next few hours until she wakes up again grrrr
19.00: Jude goes to bed. Well, I say that but tonight he had a melt down that lasted over two hours so it wasn’t a pretty sight. On a good day, he goes to bed happily at about 7, plays in his bed with his building blocks (he likes to line them up) for about fifteen minutes and then I take them away and he goes to sleep.
19.45: Elsa to bed. We love our little bit of the evening together. Once Emmeline and Jude are in bed, Elsa and I sit and watch one of her favourite programmes and have a nice snack and a drink. Joe normally comes home at around 7.30 so it’s a lovely, chilled time of the day.
That’s basically it. Quite an exhausting schedule when you factor in the unpredictability of Jude and his behaviour; I literally feel like I’m walking on egg shells all the time which isn’t a great feeling. Sometimes bedtime with him can be awful other times he’s fine. I really don’t even feel like I have it all under control! 
If you would like to find out more about Alice, head over to her blog or follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
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  1. 10/02/2017 / 21:50

    It’s really interesting to see how other Mums structure their days, and how they overcome the challenges that parenthood brings. Juggling everything can be hard!