A Day In The Life Of…Katy Kicker

A Day In The Life Of…Katy Kicker

I’m back with another A Day In The Life Of… It’s a chance for other bloggers to share what a typical day looks like for them. I’m proper nosey and I love to see what people get up to in their day. It’s also a great chance for you to find some more blogs that you might like to follow.

Today we have Katy from Katy Kicker, Katy is married to Tom and they have a beautiful daughter Daisy together.

Here is what a typical day looks like for her…

I work from home, full-time, as a blogger and freelance writer. My husband is a shift worker so this is A Day In My Life with just me and my daughter at home. 

07.00: Daisy wakes up and we spend the first 30-45 minutes of our day laying in bed together. Daisy enjoys a bottle of milk (which she never finishes) and the TV babysitter goes on. It takes me a little while to get started in the morning as I am usually tired from either staying up too late or because of my chronic illnesses. While Daisy watches a little television I catch up on my social media, blog comments and emails. This helps me avoid having to rush to start working properly for the day.

08.00: We get up, brush our teeth and I have a shower. Then I choose clothes for later in the day and we go and enjoy breakfast together. Daisy usually has a breakfast that she can feed herself, toast or dry cereal. Being allergic to milk, and disliking most alternatives, makes breakfast a little boring for Daisy! I have a couple of tablets to take and Daisy is on medication too so we take these now.

08.30: Daisy and I will sit together for around half an hour. I try to play toys, interact with her and just enjoy a nice cuddle. This is the time of day that Daisy is most likely to want to enjoy a cuddle with me.

09.00: Daisy goes in to her playpen for an hour and I get some work done. I also get some chores completed during this time. I clear away our breakfast things, put dinner in the slow cooker and complete some admin jobs. Often I will have things to do such as order prescriptions for myself and Daisy, pay bills, update my money spreadsheets and make phone calls.

10.00: Daisy gets tired now so I get her a bottle of milk, usually coconut milk (the only alternative milk she likes) and put her down for a nap. It takes her around 20-30 minutes to fall asleep. I spend a little of this time getting myself ready for the day (straighten my hair etc) and some of the time doing chores. I like to get one large job done per day. This keeps our home running well and avoids hours of chores on my husband’s days off.

10.30: Now that Daisy is asleep I put a little bit of television on and I get to work. Usually I get around 1-1.5 hours to get some work done. I will reply to emails, speak to companies I am working with and write blog posts during this time. I schedule my Pinterest and Twitter posts and often post something on my Facebook page.

12.00: Daisy is awake and she plays with her toys. This is often when we get dressed for the day – late I know! She loves to play independently so she goes in her playpen. I alternate her toys every week, usually on a Friday, and that is when I clean it out too. Daisy has a drink in her playpen, and sometimes a snack too, depending on how long she napped for.

12.30: Now we enjoy lunch together. Because Daisy has allergies I have to be a little inventive sometimes. We usually eat the same foods together so that Daisy can see we are both enjoying healthy foods and she isn’t missing out on anything.

13.00: We head out in the afternoons. It takes around 15 minutes to get the bag packed, put sun tan lotion on and head downstairs. Often we will walk down to our allotment. Other times we head in to town to run some errands. The day that I wrote this we went to the Doctors, then to visit my Mum and on to our allotment. We didn’t stay long but I did 10 minutes weeding and watered the plot to keep everything healthy. While out Daisy enjoyed a snack and a nice cold squash. I always take an ice cold water to the allotment and love to enjoy it out in the sun.

15.30: Daisy has a snooze in the pram as I walk home. Our allotment is around 1.5 miles from home and I’m usually laden down with produce that I have harvested, parcels I’ve collected in town and food shopping. On the journey I usually catch up on social media while Daisy is enjoying her nap, also I will reply to some emails too.

16.00: We have a half hour play session together. I try to bring new ideas to Daisy frequently. Because of rotating her toys she doesn’t get bored much anyway but I try and make this time something different to just playing with her normal toys. We may play with water, or food. Other times we visit the park on the walk home from town.

16.30: The bedtime routine begins. Daisy feeds herself dinner and she gets to watch ‘In The Night Garden’ as this is her favourite show. While Daisy is eating I get the preparations done for our slow cooker dinner, if there are any. I run her bath, get her night clothes out and check my emails quickly.

17.00: Daisy has her bath. We sit in the bathroom together for around 15-20 minutes as she enjoys playing toys in the bath. This is often the first time I have sat down since around 13:00 so it is a nice rest. Then I wash her body, hair and brush her teeth before getting her out the tub.

17.30: Daisy gets in her PJs, has a story read to her and settles down for the night with a milk. She often sleeps 12-13 hours, although lately she has been waking up in the night for a cuddle or to have a grizzle.

18.00: Daisy is in bed now, usually asleep already, and so I get the dinner sorted. I sweep the kitchen floor, clean the high chair and tidy away the bath toys. The washing machine goes on. Then I wipe the kitchen sides down and sit down with my husband for dinner.

18.30: The evening is ours! We will cuddle on the sofa watching trash TV. Sometimes we watch a film. Other times my husband watches his anime with headphones on while I listen to music. During the course of the evening I often write a blog post, or two, and schedule more social media. I will look at Instagram, and catch up with my favourite people.

22.00: We SHOULD go to bed at this time. But we don’t. Instead we will get up and ‘potter around’ as we call it. Wash up from dinner, wipe the sides down, get the washing out the machine and get organised for the next day. Often I prepare overnight oats for Daisy’s breakfast and my husband packs his lunch up for work. We like it to be tidy when we go to bed.

23.00: This is bedtime. Or close to it. I will wash my face, brush my teeth and take any medication I forgot to take earlier. Then bedtime!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this insight in to my family life. This is just an average day where I am home with Daisy. I’m really grateful to get to be home with her and while it took over a year to get a nice routine I’m really glad we have now. My work / life balance is great and I am so thankful. 

Thank you Katy!

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    I love reading these posts Laura, it’s great to see how other people do it! Especially Katy as I know she is so successful at making money online, I could definitely do with taking a leaf or two out of her book!

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