A Day In The Life Of…Double The Monkey Business

A Day In The Life Of…Double The Monkey Business

I’m back with another A Day In The Life Of… It’s a chance for other bloggers to share what a typical day looks like for them. I’m proper nosey and I love to see what people get up to in their day. It’s also a great chance for you to find some more blogs that you might like to follow…

Today we have my lovely friend Yvonne from Double The Monkey Business, who has gorgeous twin boys. They are a similar age to Alice and I love reading what they get up to. She also comes up with some amazing crafts too and they currently live in Germany.

Let’s see what a typical day looks like for these two monkey’s…

07.00: We are usually woken up by the boys. L will come to my side and D will go to Daddy. Both boys jump into bed beside us and have a cuddle. Usually the first thing they ask is: “Today are we going to kindergarten?”
07.15: I am in the shower and Daddy is downstairs getting the coffee on, making the boys breakfast and sorting out soup for us to take to work.  Daddy will bring a coffee up to me while I get ready, he knows I need my coffee!  When I am dressed I make the beds. When I come downstairs I get the boys dressed and pack their bags for kindergarten.
08.20: We are usually out the door and trying to get in the car.  This can take multiple attempts as the boys remember important things that they absolutely must take with them that day. We go and drop daddy off at work.
08.45: We get to kindergarten and I drop the boys off.  Once inside they like to give me a cuddle, say goodbye, then push me out of the door.  This is a little ritual and has to happen every morning or there is guaranteed tears.  It is always nice to see them meet up with their friends in the morning, it is like a reunion and as if they haven’t seen them for years!
09.00: I get into work and start my day.  I work at the local newspaper and my work day can be quite varied.  For example, this week on Monday I went out too interview school children, then I went back to work and wrote an article about them.  On Tuesday I was editing the paper, laying out the pages, checking the copy and sending it all off to the proofreader.  On Wednesday I was on the radio talking about the stories in the paper that week.  So every day is very different.
14.15:  I am lucky to work part-time, so I leave work and head to pick up the boys.
14.30: I pick up the boys from kindergarten, which always seems to take ages.  They like to talk about what they have done that day and show me anything they have made.  Then it takes them ages to get their shoes, hats, jackets on, especially in the winter.
15.00: We are usually home.  In the summer we often go to the park, for a walk or to the ice-cream parlour in the afternoons.  However, it is so cold at the moment we usually just head home.

15.15: The boys have a drink and we get tidied up.  We leave in such a rush in the mornings that the house is usually a mess.

15.30: This is a lovely time of the day.  We usually have about an hour before I need to make dinner, so we usually play games, bake cakes, do crafts or FaceTime my parents

16.30: Time for me to get the dinner on.  Sometimes they come into help me get dinner ready, however mostly they will play by themselves.  Sometimes I will let them have half an hour playing a little game on the computer, they have a lego game that they love!  I try to limit screen time, so find this is a good time to let them.  Mainly because they know that as soon as dinner is on the table they have to turn everything off and no arguing.  If they want screen time they have to tidy up the toys, as D would say: “that is the deal”.

17.00/17.30: Dinner time can vary a little depending on when Daddy is getting home.  We try to eat at the dinner table as a family when we can, we find that is a good time for the boys to tell us about their day and for some reason they always eat better if we all eat together.
18.00: Once we have tidied up after dinner, the boys get to watch one cartoon if they are not having a bath and they get changed into their pj’s.  If they are due to have a bath then it is straight upstairs.  The boys tend to hate getting in the bath and this is accompanied by lots of drama. Then they hate getting out of the bath when it is done, more drama! We tend to bath them every other day, as the boys have really dry skin.  I find when we bath every night they get more eczema. 
19.00: The boys will brush teeth and then we will cuddle up in their room to read a story.  They always get to pick one each, but if we are upstairs a little early it can often lead to reading a few extra ones.  The favourites at the moment is Billy Goats Gruff and Goldilocks.  
19.30: It is lights out for the boys.  On a good night they will go straight to sleep – but that is rare.  More often you hear them talking to one another for a little while and then they fall asleep.  On bad nights, we hear little footsteps on the stairs.  L has been known to be a bit of a monkey after lights out, a few days ago he said that his toe was too big and he couldn’t sleep!  Usually though you only have to take him back to bed once and he settles down, we think he is frightened to miss anything.  
20.30: Usually by now we have settled down in front of the TV.  Most nights I will sit and work on my blog or edit photos as we watch TV.  I try to give myself Friday and Saturday evenings off from the blog but it doesn’t always happen.  We are big fan of boxsets, we started watching Westworld this week and been loving it so far.
22.30/23.00: We usually head to bed around now, although if I have a lot to do on my blog I will sometimes sit up later to finish stuff off.  When in bed I like to read myself to sleep. I find that if I don’t, I have too many thoughts going round my head and I can’t sleep.
If you would like to find out more about Yvonne and her family, head over to her blog or follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
If you would like to take part in my A Day In The Life Of… Series, drop me an email at [email protected] I would love to have you.


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    Gosh this is such a busy but fun filled schedule, I should really try giving the day in a life post a go at some point.