A Day In The Life Of…Devon Mama

A Day In The Life Of…Devon Mama

I’m back with another A Day In The Life Of… It’s a chance for other bloggers to share what a typical day looks like for them. I’m proper nosey and I love to see what people get up to in their day. It’s also a great chance for you to find some more blogs that you might like to follow.

Today we have Hayley from Devon Mama, who you won’t be surprised to learn lives in Devon with her husband and son (monkey).

A Day In The Life Of Hayley…

03.00 – The day starts with a bang, literally. On the cot bars. Repeatedly. Accompanied by hungry cries at ever increasing volume. It’s official; the baby’s awake. He comes into our room for a feed which hopefully ends in him going back in his own room as quickly as possible but normally has been known to result in bed-sharing to maximize sleep time!

05.30-07.45 – Wake up to chatter coming through the monitor. Collect Monkey from his room and bring him into bed with us. I’m still breastfeeding so this is feeding/napping time. Usually accompanied by both Dave and I being used as human climbing frames whilst we attempt to ignore quite how awake our son is.

08.00 – Dave leaves for work and we commence Operation: Get Up and Dressed. Monkey comes into the bathroom whilst I shower and then I bribe him with toys in the bedroom to allow me to get up. Once I’m dressed, we go and choose his clothes and wrestle him into them with as little fuss as possible.


08.30 – Breakfast time. Baby in the highchair, dog firmly planted at the base awaiting scraps and me sat on the kitchen worktop all attempting to eat as much as possible. Monkey isn’t great with weaning so it’s very messy and he tends to just give up and feed the dog whilst hanging precariously out the side of the chair. It usually lasts about half an hour before he screams to be released.

09.00 – Strategically arrange toys in the lounge to keep Monkey quiet whilst I dash around tidying up, packing away breakfast stuff and sorting fun things like the laundry; the glamorous life of a mum! We tend to have a bit of time together playing, usually me building a tower which he knocks down repeatedly before I get frustrated and he crawls off to go and play ‘how many bricks can I bash on the new coffee table’.

10.00 – We usually go out around now if we’ve got something to do in the morning. We do baby sing and sign classes (hilarious) or a couple of local baby groups (always interesting for people watching). It strategically coincides with naptime as the only place he’ll sleep in the day is in the car. As such, I have a tendency to leave at least 15 minutes earlier than needed and then sit in the car on arrival with the engine running in order to keep him asleep and give me some phone time. At some point in the two hours, we’ll attempt a snack, which, again, he plays with more than he ingests but it seems to keep the peace!

12.00 – Head back home for lunch. Dave usually comes home for an hour between 12 and 2 so I try to be home then if we can. Lunch consists of pasta, salad stuff or something with eggs or beans and we all tend to eat it together in the kitchen again whilst catching up on the morning.  The boys don’t get much quality time together due to Dave’s long working day and Monkey’s early bedtime so at lunchtimes they spend some time together after eating whilst I make lunch/go on Twitter/tidy up/do more washing. More often than not they’ll go out for a walk with the dog meaning I get twenty minutes of time alone in the house.. bliss!

14.00 – Monkey has a feed around now. If we’re off out then I’ll feed him and pop him straight into the car seat (ready to sleep), if we’re in for the afternoon then we both go up and lay down on our bed; I feed him whilst we’re laid there and he more often than not will drop off for a nap. I usually use this as an opportunity to catch up on some work emails or, if they’re done, catch up on gossip online.

16.00 – Another snack (usually fruit based) on our return and some more time in the lounge. It’s around now I crack out the Jumperoo as he loves it so much and it keeps him in one place. I’ll either pop him in there or let him roam loose in the kitchen whilst I start sorting dinner out for us all. His favourite thing to do at the moment is to steal the dog’s food bowl and smash it onto the kitchen floor repeatedly. Luckily, it’s always empty and she doesn’t seem to mind but it’s not the most hygienic of toys.

17.00 – Tea time for Monkey followed by going upstairs for a bath, a bit of nappy off time and pyjamas on. He hates getting ready for bed so it can take quite a while. Dave usually returns home about 5.30pm so he’ll do bath time if it’s one of those days. They can be in the bath for ages, both boys are water babies so I can just hear them playing loudly before suddenly it switches to whining to get out (from both!)

18.00 – Bedtime. Drop Monkey into his sleeping bag against his will. Lights off upstairs and white noise on in our bedroom. I feed him to sleep at this stage still which can take between 10 minutes and an hour. Once I’m happy he’s dropped off, I transfer him onto my shoulder before moving into his room and putting him in the cot. It’s 50:50 as to whether he’ll stay asleep or scream but we’ve started letting him cry a little as he usually drops off within a couple of minutes. Whilst I’m doing that, Dave is downstairs finishing off prepping dinner.

19.00 – Our tea time! We usually eat in the lounge with some trashy TV on in the background and a quick dissection of our day. Most nights we have something on, whether that’s a fitness class or something for me or he’s off to the gym. It makes us sound sporty but we’re not at all, it’s a new thing we’re trying! We have about an hour around now where we eat, clean up and let food go down before he’ll pop out twice a week.

20.00 – Gym time for Dave, blogging time for me. I’ll take the laptop up onto our bed or sit on the sofa with it depending on my mood. I aim to get a post done or do some maintenance to various social media sites. If I’m not in the mood for that, I’ll watch a TV show online such as Grey’s Anatomy. If Dave isn’t at the gym, he’ll sit on his computer reading about geeky things and I’ll sit on mine… we’re very sociable!!

22.30 – Bedtime. We’re still up a lot in the night so bedtime usually happens around now although it takes a good 30-60 minutes for us to make it upstairs and lights off. By the time we’ve sorted the dog, tidied away and sat on our phones for a bit, it’s normally nearing midnight.

03.00 – And so it continues…

If you would like to find out more about Hayley, head over to her blog or follow her on Twitter , Instagram and Facebook



  1. 22/11/2017 / 13:14

    I love being nosy and reading ‘Day in the life’ posts! Hayley seems so organised all day, I suddenly feel so disorganised in my day to day life, haha x

  2. 22/11/2017 / 13:44

    What a long tiring day!, I am glad my children sleep through now (mostly!) as it can be so tiring when they are small.

  3. 22/11/2017 / 19:19

    I love reading these posts. I couldn’t be doing the 3am wakeups though.

  4. 25/11/2017 / 10:02

    I am super nosey so it’s always a good read getting an insight into someone else’s day in a different part of the country. My youngest is now 2, but it brought back memories of that 3am wake up call! 🙂

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