A Day In The Life Of…Bubbablue and Me

A Day In The Life Of…Bubbablue and Me

Today is my last A Day In The Life Of… I’ve loved running this series and every week I’ve had someone sharing their day with us and they’ve all been different. Thank you to everyone who has taken part, you can see the full series here.

For my last post we have Emma from Bubbablue and Me, Emma lives on a farm with her husband and their son N.

A Day In The Life Of Emma…

Our weekends and school days are very different, with weekends also depending on whether N is with me or going out on the farm with his dad. If the latter I don’t tend to see him apart from at meal times, so it can be lonely. And then weekdays I work so it’s like a military operation in the morning, and then lazy in the evenings.  Our days probably look very odd to people who have what I think of as a normal family life.

05.00: the OH goes out to work.

05.50-06.35: N wakes up, takes himself downstairs to play, eat, watch the CBBC trailers until it comes on at 7am!

06.35ish: My alarm goes off.  If I wake earlier I listen for signs that N is awake and downstairs, have a nosy at Instagram for 5-10 minutes, then go downstairs to sort out N’s breakfast and ask him to get dressed. He usually takes his clothes downstairs then sits on them before I get down and get him to get a move on.  Breakfast is anything from a cheese sandwich to cereal, to a yoghurt and some fruit.  I get my lunch packed for work and make sure water bottles are filled. I usually have a moan about the toilet being unflushed.  Mostly school stuff is organised the night before, so do a quick check it’s all there ready.

06.45: OH comes in to do teeth and say hello after he’s had his breakfast at the farm, before heading back out to work again at 7.

07.00: Get in the shower, get dressed, put make up on and do hair.

07.30: Sit down to have my breakfast. Chase N to do his spellings and turn down the tv.

07.45: Ask N to get his shoes and jumper on ready for school.

07.55: Yell at N to get ready for school

07.55-08.00: Take N to school for 8 for morning club (Monday to Wednesdays).  On Thursday and Fridays I start work at 9, so might go back to bed after sorting N out. All timings move back 30 minutes.

08.25: Arrive at work.  I only work 7 miles away and the journey should take about 13 minutes but takes nearer 30 minutes.

12.30: Lunch.  Usually I try and head out for a quick walk into town to pick up some bits and pieces or food. Check social media, write a blog post.

17.00: Leave work. One of the good things about our company is that there is no expectation for people to work more than their set hours for a good work life balance. Most people are out of the door at 5 (or earlier if they use their flexi hours).

17.00ish: I sometimes get a voicemail from N shouting or singing ‘my dad’s picked me up’ from after school club.  The OH has only started doing it in the last year, and it annoys me a bit because it’s something I like to do, plus I miss out getting to speak to the staff there and quite often my neighbour. But it does mean N gets picked up 30 minutes earlier than if I did the pick up.

17.30: Get home. Usually N and the OH are over at the farm, where the OH has his tea just after 5pm.  I’ll usually wander over to pick up N so we can get started on homework.

18.00: Homework is usually done. N gets daily reading, spellings to learn for the week, and 1 bit of English and maths each week.  I love homework time and N isn’t too bad at doing it (apart from reading which he’d rather avoid).

18.15: Get a quick snack tea for me (I usually end up feeding N something again because he’s always hungry even though he eats at after school club.  Read while I eat or check social media.  At the moment I’m also into jigsaw puzzles, so might do a bit of that.  Sometimes my brother turns up for a chat and chance to get warm in our house, and get jumped on by N.  Watch tv and start getting my daily blog post up while N plays or sits with one of us to watch Operation Ouch or whatever is on he wants to watch (if the OH lets him have control of the remote once the news has finished).

19.25: Shower time for N. The OH showers in the evening too so he sorts N out bathroom wise, while I sort out school uniform and stuff for the next day.  Then I do story time with N and we have a chat about both of our days.  The best time of the day usually.

19.45-20.00: Bedtime for N.  He’ll usually fall asleep straight away.

The evening is more blogging time and social media, or maybe one of my courses I’m following or working through at the moment I try and go to my dance lesson once a week.  OH usually has tv control, but mostly falls asleep.  He goes out to check the animals and lets the dogs out at 9 before he goes to bed just after the news headlines.

I then get to catch up on my tv shows or movies I’ve recorded before I get to bed around midnight.

If you would like to find out more about Emma, head over to her blog or follow her on Twitter , Instagram and Facebook


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    Thanks for including me as your last person. It’s so funny reading it back

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