A Day In The Life Of…You Baby Me Mummy

A Day In The Life Of…You Baby Me Mummy

I’m back with another A Day In The Life Of… It’s a chance for other bloggers to share what a typical day looks like for them. I’m proper nosey and I love to see what people get up to in their day. It’s also a great chance for you to find some more blogs that you might like to follow.

Today we have Aby from You Baby Me Mummy, Aby is a full time blogger and shares her life with her husband and their daughter Ava.

Here is what a typical day looks like for her…

I’m not sure there’s such a thing as a typical day for a mum and full-time blogger, as our schedule changes from day to day.

06.00: I usually wake up to the sound of my daughter’s dulcet tones shouting ‘mama’, ‘mama’, ‘mama’ in ever increasing volume.

06.03: (she likes to work fast!) – We head downstairs and I make her breakfast. I then run back upstairs to have a shower and get ready for the day ahead.

06.30 – 08.30: We spend this time playing, finishing breakfast, watching the tablet while I do some work and generally acclimatising to the day. Obviously, that includes LOTS of tea!

08.30 – 08.45: Last minute running around the house, as despite being up soooo early we always seem to be running late in the end.

08.45 – 09.15: The nursery run, sometimes I manage to sneak in a cheeky podcast on the way.

09.15 – 11.45: This is my main blogging time during the day so I have to cram a lot in. This could be content creation, managing my FB community, doing freelance work, filming, photographing and everything else.

11.45 – 12.15: It’s time to collect Ava from nursery.

12.15 – 16.30: Our afternoons vary from day to day. We might go and see friends, have a quiet afternoon at home or head to the park. I might try to do bits and bobs of work on my phone when possible.

16.30: Hubby get’s home and he tends to take over a little with Ava so I can get back to work. 

17.00: Luckily he cooks (as I can’t!) so he will also sort her dinner out.

18.00: As Ava rises so early by 6pm she is dead on her feet. So we head upstairs to bed. I usually sit with her doing some work while she falls asleep.

18.30 – 19.00: Usually Hubby will have rustled up some dinner for us too (yes I am lucky!).

19.00 – 00.00/01.00: I tend to work every evening. This again depends on the projects I have on, but it tends to be a bit of a mix.

So there you have it a snippet of our life. No day is ever the same really and that’s part of the reason why I love my job so much.

Thank you Aby!

If you would like to find out more about Aby, head over to her blog or follow her on Twitter , Facebook or Instagram.

If you would like to take part in my A Day In The Life Of… Series, drop me an email at [email protected] I would love to have you.


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  1. 03/08/2017 / 17:06

    Great to hear how Aby fits it all in, I have always wondered how she does it!

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