Calm, Love and a big blue building…Happy Days #19

Calm, Love and a big blue building…Happy Days #19

It has been a long week with Alice getting over the chicken pox, but she is through the worst of it and no sign of Holly getting it.

 Lets talk happy moments…

bullet heartI was a bit worried this week would be boring with us being housebound for some of it. But I have really enjoyed having a calmer, slower pace of life and I think the girls have too.

bullet heart

Having Alice home all week with us, I know she didn’t go to preschool everyday, but I have loved having her all to myself. I definitely need to soak it up over the next few weeks.

bullet heartWatching my girls look out for each other. Whenever one of them gets upset or hurt’s themselves, the other one is always first to console them and give them a hug. Their relationship is beautiful.

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A trip to IKEA, who doesn’t love that big blue building? I even left Holly’s pushchair behind to make sure I had enough room to fit everything in!!

bullet heartPlanning a night out ‘out’, I haven’t had a proper night out for so long I think I have forgotten how to do it. My nights out are normal dinner and home to bed, which I do love too. It’s not for a while, but its lovely to have something to look forward to.

Andy is off to London today with friends for a birthday and I am not sure what the girls and I are going to get up to. On Sunday we have a family bbq and hoping the sun joins us too…Have a lovely weekend everyone!


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  1. 30/07/2016 / 21:22

    Aww so sweet how they don’t like to see their siblings poorly isn’t it. Glad you had a nice chilled out week ( as chilled out as you can with 2 children at home all day!) 🙂

  2. 30/07/2016 / 22:34

    How brave going to IKEA, It’s my worst idea of a nightmare! Its nice to have a chilled week though. Here is to the summer! #happydays

  3. 31/07/2016 / 07:53

    How lovely that your girls are so close and can comfort each other – that’s adorable! I love Ikea so much – did you buy much? Sometimes we go and just end up eating in the cafe as they don’t have what we need (which is still a win for me – I love the cafe!) #happydays

  4. 31/07/2016 / 16:31

    Oh how lovely to have a night out planned to look forward to, a bit of time to be yourself instead of mum always makes you feel better doesn’t it?

  5. 02/08/2016 / 08:59

    Glad to hear the dreaded pox is on its way out! Who does;t love a trip to Ikea, although the boys usually run a bit wild! Oh and I am jealous of your night out out, enjoy! #HappyDays

  6. 02/08/2016 / 17:34

    Oh gosh! Chicken Pox is not fun! Pleased to hear she is on the mend! Hope you have a wonderful time out! Planning it can be so exciting! #happydayslinky

  7. 04/08/2016 / 10:50

    Oh I am glad that Alice is getting over the chicken pox. Haha you made me laugh saying you’ve forgotten how to have a night out because I am the same, it’s been years! I hope you have a great time. Thank you for linking up to #HappyDaysLinky x

  8. 05/08/2016 / 20:23

    I love IKEA, I have plans to go again once baby is here – not that Mr F knows that yet hahaha!! Thank you for sharing in #HappyDaysLinky x