Busy Mums Need A Sanctuary, Not Just A Bedroom…

Busy Mums Need A Sanctuary, Not Just A Bedroom…

Rethinking your own bedroom isn’t as easy as giving your little lady’s (or little man’s) bedroom a splash of color and fun to keep it fresh. When you’re a busy mum, you need more than just a place to put your head. You need a sanctuary that lets you get prepared for the day and lets you shake off the stresses at night.

Keep it organised and it will keep you organised

How often do you wake up and try to get ready for the day, only to get more frustrated as you spend ten minutes looking for that one thing you need more than anything? If the answer is “often”, then it’s time to employ a few of the organisation tricks shown at marthastewart.com/. Making room for little bits of storage and taking a planned approach to where you put what can make getting ready a lot easier and less time-consuming. Otherwise, you could be starting the day with a little more stress than necessary.

You deserve the comfort

Never feel guilty about splurging out on the higher quality bedding for your own bedroom. You might be rushed off your feet, so having the kind of comforting, soothing mattress shown at www.mattresslife.com/ isn’t only deserved, it’s necessary. If you’re not getting to sleep, a good mattress that fits your sleeping posture and high-thread-count covers can make all the difference in the work. A lack of sleep leads to a higher production of cortisol, the stress hormone, in the body. Take whatever steps you need to in order to improve sleep quality. Otherwise, it can impact the whole family.

Do away with the screens

Lying down with the TV on might sound like your idea of relaxation, but is it really helping you? A lot of sources, including cnet.com/, would say “no”. TV, computer screens, and smartphones all produce a kind of light known as “blue light”. It’s not necessarily always bad for you, but it has been shown that it can get in the way of sleep quality in increase feelings of stress at nighttime. There’s nothing wrong with a quiet evening on the couch before your favorite shows, but it might be worth keeping it out of the bedroom if you go to bed feeling stressed.

Good for the heart, not just the head

Think about using your bedroom not just for sleep, but for the little “me-time” you can find. Making it a Zen den, perfect for practicing meditation, breathing exercises, or even journal writing can help make your head a lot less hectic of a place. Beyond giving yourself somewhere comfortable to sit, consider using sites like naturallivingideas.com/ and increasing the relaxation factor with some essential oils used for aromatherapy. Even when you’re not aiming to clear your mind, a nice, pleasant scent can make the bedroom instantly more comforting and welcoming.

Being a mum is a big job, and you need your own little space to yourself to help get you energised and help you decompress from it all. Hopefully, the tips above help you create that sanctuary.


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


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