Bringing Our Garden To Life With Big Game Hunters…

Bringing Our Garden To Life With Big Game Hunters…

Just before Christmas we moved house and have spent the last few months getting the house unpacked and just as we want it. With the house all finished and the sunny days arriving, we started to look at our garden. The house is a new build and the garden at the moment is just patio and grass.

We recently got our patio furniture out and I have a couple of plant pots on the patio. But apart from the beloved sandpit, the garden was looking a bit bare and a bit boring for the girls.

At our previous house the garden was on three levels and it became a real problem. I couldn’t just pop back indoors to get something or to go to toilet, without taking the girls back in with me. The garden just felt too far away from the house and I would never have heard them. It got to the point last summer where we didn’t play outside as much as the girls probably would have liked to. A trip to the park became the easier option for me.

When looking for a new house, a big requirement was to have a more practical garden. One that was a lot easier to manage and was also on one level. Our new garden ticks all the boxes. We not only have a back door that we currently use, but as the days get warmer we have patio doors that we can fling open. Letting the girls easily go out to play while I’m in the kitchen, watching them through the window. I can’t tell you how happy our new garden makes me.

But, for the girls the garden wasn’t very exciting. Holly loves her sandpit and will happily play in it for ages. But she needed something else and Alice definitely did.

As a little girl I had a wendy house that you can put up with poles and put a cover over them. I loved it and would spend hours playing in it. But I probably drove my mum mad having to make it every day and then take it apart in case it rained overnight, thanks to the lovely British weather. For my girls I dreamt of them having a beautiful wooden playhouse, one that they could play all their role play games in.

When Big Game Hunters asked if we would like to review one of their playhouses all my dreams came true. They have the most gorgeous playhouses and I love the quirkyness of them. We were sent the Redwood Den Playhouse and I love how unique it is to other playhouses that I’ve seen.

It arrived when Andy was on holiday and we were able to put it up together easily. Normally I dread DIY projects as they can end up with a few cross words between us. But with easy instructions, pre-drilled holes and not many parts, we had it put together in no time.

And I love it…

It has the cutest crooked door with a porthole window. It even has a letterbox much to Alice’s delight, we’ve been writing letters for her to post through the door.

I love the detail it has with the chimney on the roof…

The window box under the window, that Alice and I are going to plant some flowers in (with nannies help!)…

And the handles on the windows are great, because they are on the inside and the outside, so no trapped fingers as they try to open and close them…

I wanted the girls to have a place where they could have fun, whilst being safe and the slide provides the fun…

And the handles above the steps mean that Holly can safely and easily climb them on her own. Which is such a reassurance for me…

Even when daddy comes out to play, Holly doesn’t need his help…

The space inside the house is amazing and I wanted to create a place that the girls can enjoy their role plays games they love so much. With this in mind we brought them a kitchen to go inside, one from the big blue shop that Alice’s calls it, but to the rest of us it’s from IKEA.

It fits perfectly inside and it was definitely a winner with the girls. They haven’t stopped playing with it since. As you can see even with the kitchen there was plenty of space left.

The girls had a pink table which hasn’t be used for a while and I thought it would go nicely next to the kitchen and give them a place to sit. It’s nice to see it being used again and you can see there is still lots of space left.

The girls have loved playing inside the house and I love standing outside and listening to their games. The four year old Laura just a little bit jealous that they have such a gorgeous house to play in!

As you can see Alice can easily stand up inside and there is plenty of room for her to grow. One of the things the girls love to do at the moment is to put on a show for us and the platform has provided the perfect ‘stage’ for them. I was treated to a wonderful show by them and it always brings a smile to my face watching them.

Even when it’s just Holly on her own, she has so much fun playing in her ‘treehouse’ as she calls it. Which is just the cutest!

She is just the best fun at the moment and always makes me smile…

Holly will happily play for ages, cooking herself dinner and then she has to pop to the shops to get more food. She slides down and gets in her car. I love it!

Seeing these two have so much fun in our garden, makes me excited for the summer ahead. When I can fling open the patio doors and let the outside in. With girls happy and content, it means mummy is happy and content. I couldn’t wish for more…

You can buy the Redwood Den Playhouse at a RRP of £619. It is made with very thick, high quality fir wood that’s been sanded and smoothed and pre-stained with a child-friendly vibrant wood stain.

Big Game Hunters have a whole range of different playhouses, as well as other garden toys and equipment. You can see the full range here.

The only thing that is left for me to sort out, is how to get the girls to come inside when it’s dinner time!!

Disclosure: We were given our playhouse at a discounted price. All views and opinions as always are my own.



  1. 25/04/2017 / 09:23

    We are huge fans of Big Game Hunters and use them for play items here on the farm. They have a great range of well built play equipment and the best quality trampolines on the market. This play house looks adorable and everything I would expect from a quality company. #TriedTested

  2. 25/04/2017 / 09:25

    Oh I love this!! We have been looking and deciding which one to order for our garden but I am still unsure on the best one/sizes! This look fab and it’s clear how much your girls like it! You’re going to have so much fun with it this Summer I’m sure! Great review and gorgeous photos as always. xx

  3. 25/04/2017 / 09:55

    This looks fab. We have Harri’s birthday coming up soon and we tend to buy outdoor toys for her so will check out Big Game Hunters.

  4. 25/04/2017 / 12:49

    Oh wow this looks amazing, Ava and the boys would love it! We’ve just moved and one of our requirements was a bigger garden for them.

  5. Caroline (Becoming a SAHM)
    25/04/2017 / 13:37

    Wow what an amazing tree house! #triedtested xx

  6. 25/04/2017 / 13:59

    I am totally jealous of that play house! I want one 😉 That is so awesome!!

  7. 25/04/2017 / 14:20

    Wow, literally the most beautiful Wendy House I’ve ever seen! I love that it has a slide too, I have Wendy house envy! They will have hours of fun in that, lovely to see.

  8. Jodie Melling
    25/04/2017 / 15:07

    Ah this looks amazing! I would have loved this as a kid!

    Jodie x

  9. 25/04/2017 / 16:37

    Oh wow I love this, it is so quirky and full of character! My daughter would love this, and so would I!

  10. 25/04/2017 / 16:45

    Oh I love it! What a treat! I’m so sad we don’t have a garden to put something like this in!

  11. 25/04/2017 / 21:06

    What an amazing playhouse! I’d have absolutely loved something like that when I was little – the window box is too cute! I’m ashamed to admit that our garden is very bare in terms of play equipment – Max has lots of garden toys in the shed, but nothing permanently out like this, or the sand pit. I can see you getting so much use out of this for lots of summers to come!

  12. 25/04/2017 / 21:22

    wow I love this! I would have been so thrilled with this when I was a girl. I need to remember this when we move house, as I would love to have something like this for the boys in our new garden x

  13. 25/04/2017 / 21:44

    This is amazing, so well made. I’d love to have one for Bear, he’d love the slide!

  14. 25/04/2017 / 22:08

    We are just getting our garden re-landscaped and are looking for a traditional wooden play house! Might have a look at this company! It looks fab – lucky things x #TriedTested

  15. 26/04/2017 / 09:47

    Oh this is just gorgeous – such lovely well thought out details! Much more attractive than other similar products I’ve seen.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  16. 26/04/2017 / 18:55

    That playhouse is just gorgeous! I love the chimney and planter on the window x

  17. 26/04/2017 / 21:25

    What a cool place to play! Looks like so much fun!

  18. 27/04/2017 / 13:49

    What a gorgeous playhouse, I love all the little details that make it look special. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  19. 28/04/2017 / 21:17

    My inner child is so jealous, haha! This looks like such an amazing playhouse, I love the crooked design, and it’s so spacious! x

  20. 30/04/2017 / 20:30

    This is brilliant !! We have just moved to a new house with a lovely big garden so something like this would be perfect. Looks good quality too

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