Why Bracelets Make Great Gifts for Dad…

They say buying presents for Mum is difficult, but I don’t think that’s always fair. My girls know that they can pick out of a huge assortment of things and I’ll like them (Dad will usually help them) and if all else fails, there’s always a handmade card to look forward to isn’t there?

Now while I am sure all Dad’s reading this just like my Andy love a handmade card as much as Mums do I think it’s fair to say that in general finding a present for Dad’s can be a lot more difficult. All year round you can usually browse shops to find all kinds of girlie gifts like flowers, chocolates or candles and perfumes but for Dads, it’s much more difficult.

Finding a gift from the family can be difficult sure you can probably find a personal gift but when you want something more family-orientated it can seem like a very difficult job. I certainly thought so at first but then I discovered some amazing bracelets for men!

Bracelets are the perfect casual piece of jewellery and there are some amazing designs that any man will love and they make great family-friendly gifts. When you think of bracelets your mind instantly goes to gold and silver pieces maybe with the odd glimmering stone doesn’t it? Well, it did for me at least but there are some amazing men’s bracelets available.

The Perfect Casual Fashion 

I like to think my husband is a stylish man (I am not sure he’d agree with me) he certainly has his own sense of style and while I’ve bought him clothes in the past I’ve never really considered jewellery before. But Andy has certainly got a growing collection right now and his wristwatch has got some company too.

But these beautiful bracelets aren’t jewellery in the traditional sense they are definitely more masculine and casual in style. There are all sorts of designs and styles available although materials like leather, twine, and cord are all quite common.

So, if you’re looking for a gift for Dad try searching for some men’s bracelets, I’ve outlined below why I and Andy love them so much.

They’re Cool 

At least that’s what our Alice say’s and while in her eyes me and Andy might be too old to know what’s cool anymore just between you and me we think they’re pretty cool as well. You definitely get the casual surfer vibe with them and they are perfect for casual day to day wear.

They’re Colourful 

Men’s fashion can get a little dull, can’t it? There just doesn’t seem to be as much colour available but with men’s bracelets, you can add a splash of colour to any outfit. Men’s bracelets seem to be immune from the colour crisis in men’s fashion so you’ll find plenty of different colours available from cool blues and blacks to bright reds and yellows.

They’re Fashionable 

There’s no doubt about it men’s bracelets are very fashionable and can fit a variety of looks and styles from casual to formal and anything in between. You could get shining chrome one for work and a colourful rope one for home, there are endless options to accessorise and why shouldn’t dad enjoy having a few more options when it comes to his outfit?

They Make Great Family Gifts 

My girl’s love jewellery and picking out pieces which makes men’s bracelets the perfect family gift, now men’s bracelets might not be about gems but you’d be surprised just how many options there are. From tribal inspired designs to funky chic pieces and much more, children will love picking out men’s bracelets for Dad and they are sure to be a gift he’ll treasure.

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  1. 13/10/2017 / 15:56

    Wow what a great idea!! It sounds like Andy is a huge lover of his bracelet collection, how lucky he is that you always buy him something so stylish! I tend to stick to socks and chocolates, I best not show this to Gaz or he will be super jealous that he is missing out!

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