Blogging: Create An Online Memory Box For Your Children…

Blogging: Create An Online Memory Box For Your Children…

You’ve probably had days where you are overcome with nostalgia and have flipped through a photo album of a family holiday or your wedding day remembering the happiest moments of your life. You may even still have some homemade VHS videos with a grainy captured day of your childhood that you can lose yourself in when the all too well known sentimental feeling sets in. There is nothing quite like being able to relive time spent with family members that may sadly no longer be with you or live too far away to pop round for a visit. However, with the rise in technology, it seems that fewer photo albums are                                     

being made and, of course, VHS has long since dropped out of circulation. The only documenting that seems to be happening these days is on social media by the children themselves – and half of the time its pictures of overpriced food, and memes that no one over the age of 17 really understands. Of course, you can try to store away as many items as possible from your child’s younger years, but there is no way of knowing what the future may hold. Moving house and your children going off to college could mean that you lose or misplace items, only for them to be found years later covered in dust at the back of a cupboard like Monica’s from Friends. Blogging is a great way of creating an online memory haven for your children as they grow up, where you can easily keep everything in one place, and it is extremely easy to start and keep up to date with. When looking at companies like Website Builder, you will find their site offers a quick and easy startup to get your blog page up and running. From there, you can have fun building memories that both you and your children can look back on. Here are some ideas to get you started:    

Document Your Pregnancy

If you are just starting a family or welcoming a new addition, this is a great time to start by documenting your pregnancy. This will be something your children can look back on, that holds advice and experience for when they are all grown up and expecting their own children. It’s also a great way of keeping track of what the different trimesters were like, so you can remind yourself and compare your experience if you decide to go on to have another child. Taking note of names you may have chosen, and what sex you thought your baby was going to be can be fun to look back on with your child, and look at what alternative life they may have led had you chosen another name. You can also keep a record of all your favourite names should your family grow in the future. You may also want to document your due date and the dates leading up to it as you may be able to remind yourself of the day where you were completely unawares that at the end of it your little bundle of joy would have arrived. Making a note of what your birthing experience was like will also be helpful to other mothers when they research what type of birth they would like to have.

Letters From You And Other Family Members

A lot of people like to write a letter to their child when they are expecting, or when their child is very young, for the child to open on their 18th or 21st birthday. An older sibling could write a letter of advice about what they learnt at that age, or Grandparents could write a letter to be opened on a day when their presence is no longer felt. There are so many amazing things about being able to sit down and read someone’s wants, wishes, and deepest thoughts, and it is a great way of capturing feelings and ideas in a way that memory can never quite live up to. These letters can be like a time-capsule, allowing you or your child to travel back in time and experience all the worries, stresses, and successes, that you faced in your younger days. Nothing will be quite as reassuring to your son or daughter when they are worried about their first child coming, as reading exactly just how worried you were when they came along; or aid their sense of accomplishment reading a letter about the day they left home to earn a degree on their graduation day.

Videos and Photos

Disposable cameras and video cameras are commonly seen nowadays, and the selfie phenomenon seems to be taking over. But when you and your child grow old – are pictures of your face really going to fill you with reminiscing thoughts and warmth? Photos of the entire family, like snowball fights, playing board games, and group photos on holidays, are always going to hold more memories and remind you of happy times. We are in the age where pretty much everyone has a smartphone with quite a high-quality camera. Capturing moments that make you laugh or smile and transferring them onto your blog either through USB or an app will help to store these moments somewhere safe, reliable, and accessible, where they are exempt from damage or loss. Having a certain section of your blog to home these photos will mean it will be just like looking through an album – without dusting off the cover first. It also means it is accessible from anywhere in the world – so if you and your child happen to end up living far apart, whether it be for college or a family of their own – you can still look through them together whilst on the phone, or Skype, and remind yourselves of all the amazing times you have shared.  

Your Inner Monologue

Being a parent is incredibly difficult at times, even though it is the most rewarding experience in life. There will be a day when you realize that your child is growing up too fast, and before you know it, they’re out of their school uniforms and into a graduation gown. The heartache and pride that comes from watching them grow and learn about life can be a lot to cope with. Writing how you are feeling down on a page will not only connect you with other mothers who feel the same way, but provide an insight for your child when they have children of their own. Seeing the everyday struggles, like potty-training or letting them use cutlery for the first time, written down and tracking how you felt whilst tackling them can be comforting to read for other parents, but also enjoyable to read through once the struggle is over, and you can look back through rose-tinted glasses.

Diary Entries Of Family Days

Whether it’s a family day out to Legoland or just watching a film on the sofa together, documenting funny moments, and recording certain details about your day, will remind you and your child of memories that have long been forgotten. Little details of the day that will soon slip your mind can become the subject of a hilarious and heartwarming moment of reminiscing a few years down the line. It can be easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life whilst you’re living it. But when your children have grown up and flown the nest, it can be a nice way to remember the way things used to be by sharing in a little trip down memory lane.

Achievements – No Matter How Small

Losing their first tooth, winning the egg and spoon race on sports day, being made captain for the local under 11s football team – these will all be times your child grins like a Cheshire cat, and your heart overflows with pride and love. This is a great way of reminding your child just how much they have achieved when they decided to put their mind to it, and that hard work pays off. As the school curriculum is becoming increasingly harder, it is important to prepare for the days when your child                                             will feel uninspired and fed up with a grade they worked so hard for, but just missed out on. Even when they are grown up and working towards their degree, it may be good to remind them just how far they’ve come to be where they are. This documentation can include pictures, videos and even scanned documents of the certificates and medals they won, just in case any are misplaced or go missing. You could also write a little message describing how the day made you felt and how proud you were of them. Maybe even include some funny memoirs of when they called you from college unable to remember how to cook rice.

Hopefully, this has given you a few ideas on how you can document those golden years of your child growing into a strong and independent adult, and pass on to them something they can look at with their own children.

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