Bloggers Christmas Wish List…

Bloggers Christmas Wish List…

Since I started blogging my wish list just seems to grow and grow, there are so many things that I would love to have and I thought I would share with you my Christmas wish list. And if my husband happens to stumble across this, that would be brilliant too!

Here is my Bloggers Christmas Wish List…


I’ve always had a love for stationery, pens, notebooks, diaries, you name it I love it. Since starting my blog this has only grown and now I also love a pretty To Do List too and I go through notebooks so quickly now. I love that I have the perfect excuse to go to my favourite shop for stationery, Paperchase. I love this one they have at the moment with the message ‘Today Do Something For You’, it’s such a lovely message that I could learn from.



I have always loved to take photos, I was always the friend that took the camera out on nights outs and I have so many photos of my girls, they are the perfect excuse to snap away. Since I started blogging my love for photography has grown and learning how to edit photos is something that I really want to focus on in 2017. Lightroom is an editing software which I have heard great things about from my friend Aby and it would be great to have a subscription to it.


It’s time to realise that my blog is a brand and that means having an identity. This starts with a Logo. A great logo design tells your audience exactly who you are and how to feel about you and what you offer. But I’ve never found a quality logo that wasn’t going to cost me a fortune and there was no guarantee I would like what I received. Enter Logojoy, an online logo maker which uses advanced AI to take my choices and behaviours and deliver unique compelling logos. It has a live preview which lets you see your logo in the real world, and you can get everything from designer support to social media assets at really reasonable rates. And the best part? You only pay if you love your logo! This is a must for any blogger.

Photography Course

Of course learning how to take great photos would be amazing too. My wonderful husband has kindly brought me a new camera, as an early Christmas present and I would love to learn how to use it properly. You know take it off auto! My lovely friend Katy has recently been on a photography course that sounds perfect for me and I would love to do it in the new year.


I use my phone for so much now and have so many precious photos on it of my girls. I always worry that I am going to loose them and I really need to get better at backing them up. I was recently contacted by MEEM about their phone charger cable that automatically backs up the personal data on your phone to the cable itself every time you charge your phone. For me this is genius, I never forget to charge my phone and this means that I will be backing up my phone too. Win Win! It is available for the iPhone and Android and there is no third party involved, which I worry about people having access to my personal information.

If you loose your phone, you just plug the MEEM into the new phone, pop in your pin number and your contacts, calendar, photos and videos will be transferred in one step. It’s RRP is £39.99, as a one off cost. You can currently get it from Amazon for £19.99


2017 Planner

For my blog I have lots of things I need to plan and keep track off. Posts to write, deadlines to meet and things to do. I’m on a mission in 2017 to get more organised. I am regular reader of my friend Donna’s blog, What the Redhead Said, and she recently shared a brilliant planner from Stick To Stigu. It looks perfect to sort my blogging life and keep track of everything. I love that it has a goal sections too.

I think that is everything that would set me up perfectly for 2017, a chance to expand my blog, get organised, not loose my precious photos and have pretty notebooks and pens.

And a final message to Father Christmas, I promise I’ve been a good girl this year…


Disclosure: I received the REEM Memory Cable to include in this post and I was compensated for my time by Logo Design. These are all items that I genuinely would love to receive. Hint Hint!


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  1. 14/12/2016 / 10:26

    I ‘did ‘ a lightroom course last year (well, 2 webinars and didn’t finish the rest), and had the trial, but didn’t buy it afterwards. But I’m naughty and don’t shoot in RAW so until I do that, I’ll just stick with getting the photos mostly right beforehand then use fotosizer for bulk resizing before editing the few that need it in picmonkey.

    I would like to do a practical photography course because I’ve done lots online and know the theory and some of the practice, but now I’m finding a couple of issues that I can’t seem to get past quickly enough. It’s worth signing up to Emma Davies free year long course, A year with my camera. She does weekly technical and creative photography lessons/emails and they’re aimed at all levels of photographers. I’m a big fan and they’re free. You can sign up now for 2017 and there’s a facebook group.

  2. 14/12/2016 / 10:40

    That Meem cable is a brilliant idea! I’d love to have a proper camera and learn to take decent photos too. Not something we can afford at the moment but it’s definitely on my ‘one day’ list!

  3. 14/12/2016 / 12:37

    I love bloggers wish lists – they always have things I want/need on them! Thanks for my mention – that planner is awesome! x

  4. 18/12/2016 / 00:15

    I need a 2017 diary and a blog planner but I must be living in a bubble as I’d never heard of a meem!