Blog love…

Blog love…

I read a lot of blogs every day and when I say I read a lot, I mean a lot! I read at least eighty blog posts every week and there are a lot of seriously brilliant blogs out there. Reading blogs is a big part of being a blogger and probably what I spend most of my time doing, it’s lucky I love it.

This month I am going to share with you the blog posts that I have read and enjoyed for different reasons…

Let’s start with the fantastic Gemma over at Life is Knutts. This lady makes me laugh all the time, if you don’t follow her on Facebook, you need to. She cheers me up every day with her updates. But what really had me laughing last month was her brilliant Ironic Parody…honestly it will make you laugh out loud and you will be singing Ironic for the rest of the day

I never miss a post from the brilliant Eilidh who blogs at Mummy and Monkeys. But, a post that had me thinking just by the title was ‘A Letter to the Woman I Saw being Hit’. It was both a very brave thing to do in that split moment and a brave post to write.

When I started my blog I had no idea that I was also entering the blogging community, a community that I had no idea existed. I wrote last month about how lovely it is to be part of, but just like every part of life there is the unpleasant side. Feeling insecure about our own blog and dealing with trolls is just some of it.  When I read this brilliant post from Kate at Pouting in Heels about how to deal with the darker side of blogging, some of it shocked me and some of it I found myself nodding along to.

Being at home with my girls every day means that we spend a lot of time just the three of us. So, when I read this post from the fabulous Natalie at Plutonium Sox about Having The Confidence to Be Alone, I could really relate to it and definitely got me thinking.

If your looking for new blogs to read, you should definitely check these out…


You Baby Me Mummy
Pick N Mix Fridays
Cuddle Fairy


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  1. 10/06/2016 / 07:02

    Oh Laura you beautiful person you, that’s made me a bit teary that has! Thanks so very
    You’re a wonderful lady and I love your blog. Always finding a touching post in even the most simplest of moments. It’s a real talent.
    I’ll do a blog post pinging you out there later on.
    Thanks again.xxxx

    • 13/06/2016 / 06:49

      Ah bless you Gemma, you are so kind. I love your blog, you always make me smile xx

  2. 10/06/2016 / 07:39

    Oh, thank you so much for featuring me! And thank you for reading my little blog, I really appreciate it. I’m honoured to be in such good company too. I’m off to check out the post from Kate at Pouting in Heels.

    • 13/06/2016 / 06:48

      You are welcome lovely. I love reading your blog, I always relate to what you write x

  3. 10/06/2016 / 09:48

    I must admit that I wasn’t aware of the blogging community until it was pointed out to me. Whenever I read posts like this it always acts as a reminder that I really should read more blog posts!

  4. 10/06/2016 / 09:49

    What a lovely post! It completely sums up the really positive side to blogging: genuinely supporting others. I’m a newbie and when I started I honestly had no idea about the community that is out there. Bloggers like you, who are highlighting posts and bloggers who have inspired you, made you laugh and perhaps made you cry, is such a great thing to do. Spreading the blog love really is an essential part of blogging and when it sounds so genuine, it is inspiring. I shall look forward to reading the blogs you mention. Thank you for sharing via #TheList Alison x

  5. 10/06/2016 / 10:00

    Oh great collection of fab blogs. I haven’t read ‘how to deal with the darker side of blogging’ so I am going to read that now! #thelist

  6. Dean of Little Steps
    10/06/2016 / 11:11

    We’re the same. Gemma’s posts, whether it’s just on FB always makes me either smile or giggle. Definitely brightens my day too 🙂 x

  7. 10/06/2016 / 12:16

    Fab collection of posts from some fab bloggers – thanks for sharing! x

  8. 10/06/2016 / 13:16

    Lovely round up, I’ll go check these out! Thanks for sharing your faves.

  9. 10/06/2016 / 14:57

    Such a great post, thanks for putting me onto a couple of new ones, I also love having a good old read and finding new blogs is always fun #TheList

  10. 10/06/2016 / 15:00

    Ohh I have managed to miss all of these posts and they all sound like fab reads. I’m going to make some time to pop back and read them lovely. This is a brilliant way of sharing the blogger love hun, go you!xx #TheList

  11. 11/06/2016 / 14:32

    Most of these are on my subscription list x

  12. 11/06/2016 / 21:26

    Aww this is lovely, it’s nice to have blogging communities where everyone are friendly and helpful. Great collection of fab bloggers 😀

  13. 12/06/2016 / 14:26

    what a fantastic round up.. and what a lovely person you are for sharing.. the standard of bloggers always amaze,s me x

  14. 12/06/2016 / 17:10

    What a lovely post, so nice to be introduced to really nice new bloggers x

  15. 12/06/2016 / 23:30

    It is so lovely of you to share other people’s work in this way. It makes me think I should do something similar. We all read so much of each others’ stuff, it’s lovely to give some back! #TheList

  16. 14/06/2016 / 16:06

    What a lovely post! Sometimes people forget that blogging is also about sharing and supporting each other.

  17. 15/06/2016 / 12:05

    I must say I do feel overwhelmed with how many fantastic parent bloggers there are. I do try to keep up with the posts, but there’s so many I want to follow. I do find comfort reading about others’ experiences that might be similar to my own. #BloggerClubUK

  18. 15/06/2016 / 16:10

    What a great list you have here! I read a ton of blogs each week too & I really enjoy it. It’s my only source of reading these days & I love the variety & different points of view that I find along the way. Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK x

  19. 15/06/2016 / 22:04

    Oh I really enjoyed reading this post. I cant believe you manage to read so many blog posts a week. I think that is amazing and definitely something that I am trying to do more of myself. I always love finding new blogs to read so this is a great list to read through 🙂 Emily #BloggerClubUK

  20. 15/06/2016 / 22:06

    What a lovely post and a fab idea to shout out other bloggers. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x x

  21. Lizzie firstooth
    16/06/2016 / 22:13

    Oh my goodness that’s a crazy amount!! But a fab way to keep yourself entertained and discover new wonderful blogs. I will bookmark and make sure to take a peek at these. As they must be juicy ready if they’re between 80! x #bloggerclubuk

  22. 17/11/2016 / 13:03

    Hi as a newbie blogger I have found this a great post, very inspiring and have equally enjoyed reading the new blogs you have links to. Thank you – must dash now am feeling inspired to write!!!