What Are The Best Road Trips In Europe?

What Are The Best Road Trips In Europe?

We all have dreams, right? dreams that we hope one day will come true. My dream is that one day we will go on a road trip somewhere in Europe. I just love the idea of the freedom it will give you to see some beautiful parts of the world we live in. Where you can be n charge of your own plans and stop off wherever you fancy.

Before we start thinking about a road trip we will be making sure that our car is in tip top condition and making full use of the services from Kwik Fit to check the tyres, oil and anything else that will make sure we don’t end up on the side of road with a broken down car.

With our car ready, it’s now deciding where to go and we’re spoilt for choice on places to visit and I’ve asked some of my fellow bloggers where they’ve been on road trips across Europe to see which one takes my fancy…

  • North Coast 500 in the Scottish Highlands. White sand beaches, incredible mountains and delicious food and drink. – Gemma – Life Is Knutts 


  • I loved the road trip we took to France just before Dexter was born. The motorways are quiet because most French people hate the tolls and would rather take a train; clean and there are no hold ups or road works. The paysage is absolutely incredible and when we decided to get off the motorway and use the A roads, it was wonderful driving through village after village; each with its own church, bars, boulangerie and presse. I also love how each department is so different from the last; we loved exploring the rolling hills of Boulogne before moving onto the mountains and lakes of Savoie. Nicola – Mummy To Dex


  • When I was younger we spent the entire 6 weeks holidays doing road trips down to southern Spain. We’d stop off at various points throughout and I saw more during those summers than I have in all these years since. – Laura – Five Little Doves


  • Southern Ireland, we went there on honeymoon and it is so pretty. Aby – You Baby Me Mummy


  • We went from the UK to Switzerland, the Italian lakes, Venice, Verona, and then the Black Forest in Germany. In our then Porsche. It was EPIC. (Not least because my now Husband proposed on that trip!) – Kate – Five Little Stars


  • As a child we went to France every year by car. I have the best memories and I’m now trying to create the same with my own children who love the country as much as I do. – A Day In The Life Of A Mum Of 6 


  • We got the ferry from Portsmouth to Santander, drive down through Spain to the south, along the coast to Barcelona. We then drove into St Tropez, up thorough France to Disney and finally back to the uk. We took 2 weeks, and thoroughly enjoyed every moment, it was amazing ! So many different landscapes, beaches and cuisine to enjoy. – Family Travel With Ellie 


  • Italy I think! They are so child friendly, the food is really lovely, the weather is fab and there are so many different parts to explore, sea, lakes, stunning cities, mountain, it has it all. – Louise – Pink Pear Bear

Too many wonderful places to visit, how will I choose the right one for us? There are a few things that I need to prepare for, firstly decide what is the right age to do a road trip with the girls? I think once Holly is 5 would be a good age, which will make Alice 7.

The final thing I need to do is think about the packing. I’m an over packer which won’t be a good thing when it comes to a road trip. We don’t want the car over packed that we can’t all sit comfortable in the car, as we are going to be spending a lot of time in there.

Have you been on a road trip across Europe?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. 


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