Beko Freestanding 12kg Washing Machine…My Thoughts!

Beko Freestanding 12kg Washing Machine…My Thoughts!

As I have got older I have got more into my home and interiors. I spend hours finding the right accessory to go in a room, trying to decide what colour to paint a wall and I genuinely love it.

My love of everything that comes into our home even includes the basic items that we need, like a washing machine. I can get ridiculously excited about a simple feature on an appliance. It’s also amazing what these kitchen appliances can do now. I’m just waiting for one that does everything for me!

When Beko got in touch to ask if I wanted to test out their new range of washing machines with some exciting new features, of course I quickly said yes.

I was sent the Beko freestanding 12kg 1400rpm washing machine (WY124854M) and its got a few new features that I couldn’t wait to try out.


Being a mum of two young girls it feels like our washing machine is never off and the week our new washing machine turned up it really did get tested. With both Alice on half term and Andy off work I had even more washing than normal.

Let me tell you about a few of the key features it comes with…and one of them might change my life!

SteamTherapy Programme

Using this new programme means that you spend less time ironing, which is what every parent wants to hear. It uses an intensive steam to reduce the creases by 50%.

Daily Quick Programme

A lot of our washing is terribly soiled and doesn’t need a long intensive wash. When I saw that this machine comes with a programme where you can wash a large load of washing, up to 12kg in just 28 minutes I was amazed. Not only does this save me time, but money too.

Large 12kg Load Capacity 

This is great for families, as it means you can wash more clothes in one go. This is something that I also consider when buying a new washing machine. If you wanted to and you had 60 shirts, you could wash them all in one wash cycle. Saving you money on your energy bills.

High Speed Spin

For those times when you need your clothes to dry quickly (I’m looking at you school uniform!), the high speed spin removes more water from the clothes, meaning they need less time to dry.

ProSmart Drive Motor

What is this? This is the bit that any parent who has a child that sleeps in the day will love. Not only does the motor keep energy costs down, it is also quieter and there is less chance of waking your sleeping child. Which means we can do laundry all day long and not just around nap time.

Child Safety Lock

Another feature that I look for since becoming a parent. A child lock which stops children’s little fingers meddling with your washing cycle.

Can you work out which one might actually change my life? Yes, it the daily quick programme. There are so many times as a parent when you are in a rush or your child needs a particular item of clothing and its dirty. Well now I can get it washed really quickly and have it ready for when it’s needed (usually the next day!)

One of the things that I love about this machine is the different programmes it has. Not only is there a programme for everything, but they are called things that actually relate to what you can wash!

You just turn to the dial to the programme you want and the light next to the programme comes on.

It has a large LCD display, where you can select what temperature you want and also the spin speed. One feature I really like is it tells you how long the cycle has left. I find this really useful as quite often I want to hang it up before we leave the house and I know if I will have time or not.

It might seem crazy to look at a washing machine and think how much I love it. But I genuinely do. Being a family of four means that we have a lot of washing and our washing basket is never empty. To have a machine that helps me save time and get more loads done in a day is a life saver.

The BEKO Freestanding 12kg 1400rpm (WY124854MW) RRP is £499 and you can purchase it from Currys.

I’m going to be writing another post about our Beko washing machine in a few weeks to let you know if I still love it as much as I do now.


Disclosure: I’m working in collaboration with Beko and we received our washing machine to be able to write about experience of using it. All photos, views and opinions are my own. 



  1. 06/11/2017 / 08:08

    We’ve got a Beko washing machine and couldn’t speak highly enough about it so it’s no surprise to me that you liked it!

  2. 06/11/2017 / 09:11

    We have a Beko washing machine and absolutely love it! It’s fab that it can do a full load in just 28 minutes.

  3. 06/11/2017 / 11:09

    Sounds like a really good washing machine. It’s important to have a good one isn’t it, especially for families with young kids! 🙂

  4. 06/11/2017 / 13:02

    I am blown away by the size of the drum – 12kg is amazing! I too am constantly doing laundry, a larger machine is a fab idea. I like how simple it is to operate and the less ironing is golden. Fab giveaway lovely thanks for the chance xx

  5. 06/11/2017 / 13:29

    This looks like a fab washing machine and what an amazing giveaway to be able to win one for yourself!

  6. 06/11/2017 / 15:25

    I would love a new washing machine. Ours is on its last legs!

  7. Sarah
    06/11/2017 / 16:31

    This is my dream washing machine. I know it’s silly but I hate ironing so the steam feature sounds amazing. I also desperately need a child lock on mine as Evie loves to lock it! Looks fab.

  8. Lorna Ledger
    06/11/2017 / 16:32

    Wow! This is really generous! Thanks so much

  9. Emma Whitworth
    06/11/2017 / 18:15

    Mine is so noisy would love this

  10. Kellie McIntyre
    06/11/2017 / 19:08

    Amazing giveaway! My machine is def on the way out and never smells very pleasant

  11. 06/11/2017 / 19:43

    What a lovely looking washing machine 🙂 It sounds great.

  12. Chanette Kennedy
    06/11/2017 / 19:57

    12kg?! That’s insane! My current washing machine is only 6kg. I could get double the load in this bad boy

  13. 06/11/2017 / 20:10

    We don’t have a safety lock on our washing machine and my toddler is always turning it off. I have to restart too many loads of washing. Must cost us a small fortune. A child lock is definitely essential for when we buy a new washing machine.

  14. 06/11/2017 / 21:11

    I personally love Beko products. Very reliable. The lock would be useful with my toddler

  15. 07/11/2017 / 00:21

    Wow!! That’s an incredible giveaway. So generous of Beko.
    Sounds like a great machine. We’ve always had pretty rubbish washing machines – old and tired out. The electronic display on this is awesome. Washing machine envy. Oh dear, I’m officially old…

  16. 07/11/2017 / 06:31

    I really love Beko products so I’m sure this is just as amazing as it sounds!

  17. Joanna
    07/11/2017 / 07:25

    I have a Beko fridge and it is quite good. I can imagine the washing machine is great as well. The large capacity is great for a family household, where there is a lot of laundry to be done.

  18. 07/11/2017 / 09:09

    LoOKs a brilliant washer!! Mines on its last legs and works when it wants to ha ! X

  19. Kayleigh Watkins
    07/11/2017 / 11:38

    Oh wow!! This would be absolutely amazing, there are now five of us so our 7kg is constantly washing clothes, it needs replacing but we have just moved so need to decorate and carpet through as well as doing Christmas for our three children, thank you very very much for the chance to win your amazing giveaway xXx

  20. vicky syed
    07/11/2017 / 22:55

    OMG !!!!! never been so excited about a washing machine before it looks futureristic and the things it can do sound amazing 🙂 eeeek

  21. 07/11/2017 / 23:34

    The steam therapy programme is music to my ears especially since me and ironing do not get on LOL. I love the sound of the Beko washing machine x

  22. 08/11/2017 / 07:49

    Oh my goodness! You know when you are no longer the young, cool person you like to pretend you are when you get excited by a washing machine! But seriously this washing machine is the stuff of my dreams! 12kg – wow. And a steam therapy. This is the stuff of dreams!

  23. cheryl hadfield
    08/11/2017 / 09:35

    would love to win for my family

  24. 08/11/2017 / 10:24

    My washing machine has a steam setting and I use it a lot – it is great for towels!! I love BEKO products

  25. 09/11/2017 / 11:16

    Oh wow what a fantastic washing machine and so modern and space age as well!
    Laura x

  26. 09/11/2017 / 17:30

    This BEKO machine seems like a great bit of kit. I’ve never used their products before, but after this review I’d be tempted.

  27. 09/11/2017 / 23:07

    Wow what an amazing giveaway and such a fab review! our washing machine is old now and with six of us it takes a real beating, I will keep my fingers and toes crossed that we are lucky!!

  28. 10/11/2017 / 11:48

    Oh Wow what an amazing giveaway!! As you can imagine with 3 children my washing machine is on constantly! We have a really good machine but it is ten years old so I know it wont last much longer!!

  29. 10/11/2017 / 23:27

    I love y washing machine too, so we can be sad together. It’s also a 12kg which makes such a difference and means that my clothes don’t crease as much. Mich x

  30. Holly Brazier
    14/11/2017 / 22:30

    I have a 8kg so a 12kg would be absolutely amazing!

  31. Kate K
    18/11/2017 / 23:25

    We are looking at washing machines and tumble dryers at the moment so thanks for the review. I dont know much about Beko from my previous experience but they seem to be popping up quite frequently lately. I’ll have to do some more research!

  32. 19/11/2017 / 20:45

    Kipper love to try and open the washing machine and press the buttons. I have to remember to close the door to our utility otherwise he will stop the cycle! I hate doing hubby shirts so the steam function sounds great! xx

  33. Rachael O'Brien
    22/11/2017 / 11:09

    This would be amazing ! Having three teenage daughters, a two year old boy . My daughter works with horses at college and her kit needs washing every day and fills my 7kg . I have beko washer and dryer but both were second hand and are on last legs 🙁 as a single mum and saving for car plus starting a degree at uni next year I can’t explain how hugely appreciated this would be !! Thankyou for a chance !

  34. Rachael O'Brien
    22/11/2017 / 11:09

    This would be amazing ! Having three teenage daughters, a two year old boy . My daughter works with horses at college and her kit needs washing every day and fills my 7kg . I have beko washer and dryer but both were second hand and are on last legs 🙁 as a single mum and saving for car plus starting a degree at uni next year I can’t explain how hugely appreciated this would be !! Thankyou for a chance !

  35. Lisa Brignall
    25/11/2017 / 20:16

    An amazing giveaway. A washing machine that can take 12kg is sure to save time time and money. Brilliant x

  36. Teresa sheldon
    25/11/2017 / 21:54

    Fabulous prize

  37. George Wright
    26/11/2017 / 03:31

    Wonderful prize, thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  38. sandy ralph
    26/11/2017 / 13:29

    wow brilliant just what we need

  39. Paula T
    26/11/2017 / 21:13

    Oh wow please save me and let me win lol… I snapped the door off of mine two days ago. Leant on the door when tired getting this kids uniforms out. My own fault but urghhhh could have done without it happening xx

  40. Rebecca Hadfield
    26/11/2017 / 21:25

    This is exactly what I need in my life! With a busy family my washer is always on and I know beko products are so reliable.

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