Being Brave…Go Ape Tree Top Adventure, Bracknell!

Being Brave…Go Ape Tree Top Adventure, Bracknell!

I’ve also loved to take on a challenge, I’m not scared of heights and I quite like an adrenaline thrill. A few months ago we did Go Ape Junior as a family and had a great time. But it made me really want to tackle the Go Ape Tree Top Adventure!

Go Ape in Bracknell invited me along to try it out and my sister in law came along with me. We were both really excited to be doing it, but neither of us were quite prepared for what we were about to take on.

We arrived for our 5pm session and at the start our instructor gave us a safety talk and explained that it was an extreme challenge we were about to take on. But again we just nodded along thinking it can’t be that bad!

We got our harness on and were shown that we had 2 clips to put on the red wire up on the course. The reason you have 2 is to make sure you’re always attached.

We did the practise course and section one all with our instructor, but then we were on our own. There are instructors wandering around at the bottom and you have a whistle for an emergency.

There are 5 sections to complete and throughout each section there are different levels, from easy to extreme. With section 1 already completed with the instructor we made our way to section 2.

It didn’t start gently and we were straight into a Tarzan Swing. I went across first and you literally launch yourself and swing into the net. The metal clip hit my chest bone and it was at that moment I knew this was going to be tough and nothing like the junior course.

There were some parts of the course that were familiar from the Junior course, but of course you’re a lot higher up and you don’t have the safety wire like you do on the junior course.

When you arrive at each of the platforms there are instructions on what you need to do.

Each platform you arrived at, there was a different challenge ahead of you. This one was a zip wire, but where you went from platform to platform.

At the end of each section you end with a zip wire that takes you back down to the ground. You then make your way to the next section, there is water available before you start each section and each section starts with you climbing a rope ladder.

At certain parts of the course you come to a platform that gives you 2 choices on which way to go. There will be a moderate route or an extreme route. You can see in the photo below ahead of me, there are 2 routes to choose from.

These choices are not always obvious, as Shelagh and I found out. When one time we took the extreme route, having not noticed the slightly easier route! Oh well at least we did it.

My favourite part of Go Ape is the zip wires at the end of each section, we had 4 zip wires to do and I managed to land on my feet 3 out of 4 times, which I was so surprised about and also really pleased about. My sister in law was not that lucky and was covered in bark by the end of the course.

Whilst the sections do get harder, when you reach the last section the first couple of platforms you think this is a lot easier. But waiting for you, is the ultimate test at the end.

The ultimate test is a Tarzan Swing, but a lot bigger than the one at the start. There is 2, which meant Shelagh and I could do it at the same time. Which was brilliant, because I think if either of us had to watch one of us do it first, we wouldn’t want to do it! It was hardcore, but we did it.

There was just one final zip wire to finish the course and we were done. It took us just over 2 hours to do, it was hard work, scary at times and a lot higher than you think it is. But it was also gave us a sense of achievement, we did enjoy it and we were both glad that we had done it.

We left with bruises, swollen fingers and of course our certificate to say we had done it!

If you are feeling brave and would like to have ago, head over to Go Ape Bracknell to find out more. They also have Go Ape available across the country and you can find one near you.


Disclosure: We were kindly invited to try Go Ape in Bracknell, in return for an honest review. All views, opinions and photos are my own


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  1. 16/08/2018 / 09:32

    Such fun for adventurous types. Where I am in France we have a similar thing along the edge of a cliff finishing with a giant zip wire across the river!

  2. 16/08/2018 / 22:00

    It’s sounds awesome! We were invited to a trail opening near Exeter last week but couldn’t make it. I’m really excited to try it now after reading this.

  3. Su (Ethan And Evelyn)
    19/08/2018 / 09:21

    Well done you two! It is very high and a bit scary. I did Go Ape in London once – it always feels so much higher than it looks.

  4. 19/08/2018 / 13:28

    Well done Laura! I was at The Lookout last week and watched the Juniors while Max was playing in the park and I thought that looked scary enough for me! This looks like a real challenge and something that you can feel really proud of completing at the end of it all. I’m still not sure I could do it – heights are really not my thing!

  5. 19/08/2018 / 13:51

    My girls have done Crawley and Alice Holt forest Go Ape and my boy did it at the age of 4. I think you two are very brave, I would have had a severe case of wobbly legs. I am OK with heights as long as I am enclosed and have something to hold on to.

  6. 19/08/2018 / 15:32

    Oh wow, big well done Laura. I think Go Ape is amazing but only my kids have done it so far, if I ever manage to lose quite a bit of weight then I’ll give it a go. Mich x

  7. 20/08/2018 / 09:55

    This sounds amazing and you are soooooooo brave! I don’t think I could do this. My kids would love to give it a go though.

  8. 21/08/2018 / 20:13

    Go Ape has been on my list for a while now, although I am afraid of heights so would need to find someone to go with you would convince me when I think it looks to scary! Sounds like you had a brilliant time and lovely you got to the end bit together x

  9. 22/08/2018 / 12:24

    Mine love Go Ape, it always amazes me how brave they are

  10. 23/08/2018 / 23:38

    I have always been scared of doing Go Ape but did it for the first time last year with Lew and I actually really enjoyed it! Ive promised him we will do another now I’m not quite as scared, but when you’re up there it’s so daunting!!

  11. Sheels
    27/08/2018 / 14:27

    Most awesome time. Injuries and all. What a laugh