Bathtime Fun with BABY Born…

Bathtime Fun with BABY Born…

If there is one thing that my girls both love it’s babies, they will play with them all the time. This way they can both be the mummy and look after their babies. It’s the cutest thing to hear them saying things that I say to them.

It’s really lovely when a toy brings my girls together and when we were recently sent the BABY Born Rain Run Shower and I couldn’t wait for the girls to try it out.

I’m a mum that doesn’t like mess and if a toy has water involved then I can feel myself getting nervous, but I also want my children to grow up having fun and not worry about getting wet. I therefore set it up for them to play with it in the shower, meaning that everyone could have fun.

To make the shower work and when I say work, I mean real water comes out of the shower. You pull out the tray on the side and fill it water, making sure you push it right back it for the connection to work.

Then it’s time to place the baby in the shower. You can adjust the height of the shower head, just like you would a real shower to make sure they can fit in. There is a bracket that you clip the baby into, so they are secure and don’t fall over.

Once the baby is in the shower, it’s time to shut the door. This can be a little tricky for little ones to get right and they might need some help with it. When it is shut correctly, there is a teddy bear dial to turn and this is when the water comes out of the shower.

I don’t think they could believe that it was just like a real shower and water was coming out and their baby was getting wet. Just look at little Holly’s face…

It was great seeing the girls have fun giving their baby a shower. Alice has always loved a shower, but Holly wasn’t keen on them. Letting her see her baby have a shower and that they are fun and nothing to worry about has been brilliant.

Once baby has finished his shower, the fun doesn’t end. The BABY born fun time shower comes with a towel and they loved being able to dry their baby too. It would have been better if the material was actually towelling, to make it more like real life and to actually dry the baby. But I do love the little towel rail it goes on.

Whilst my girls did enjoy playing with the BABY born shower, it did leak water out the bottom of the door and whilst it wasn’t gushing out it is something to consider when deciding the best place for children to play with it. As I mentioned before the bathroom is the best place in my opinion.

The BABY Born Rain Fun Shower RRP is £34.99. It is currently for sale from Amazon for £29.99

I can see that this is going to be a well loved toy and hopefully mean that Holly might like to have a shower just like her baby!


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