Being An Auntie…The Ordinary Moments

Being An Auntie…The Ordinary Moments

As I sit here to write my post I am in a really reflective mood, its my niece’s sixth birthday tomorrow. Six, how is that even possible?

I became an auntie before I became a mummy, Ruby showed me what this overwhelming love is. I adore being an auntie and Ruby is the only person I will ever be an auntie too. Andy is an only child and my brother and sister-in-law family is complete.

Ruby’s journey into the world was not plain sailing and she arrived with a bump two months before her due date, weighing a tiny 2 lb 7 oz. I wasn’t able to meet her straight away and I waited patiently for ten days when the hospital gave me the ok to see her. She was teeny tiny, so delicate, but so perfect.

I remember holding her in my arms and telling her all about my hopes and dreams for her. The shopping days that we would have and the fun times we had ahead of us. Of course it turns out she hates shopping, but that may change as she gets older and I will get to have it one day. In the meantime its all about fun times!


When my sister in law returned to work, my parents looked after Ruby two days a week and that meant I could pop round and see her in my lunch break. I still remember getting on my hands and knees showing her how to crawl, desperate for her to do it. I was so lucky I got to see her every week and I will always treasure that time.


Ruby was 22 months old when Alice was born and I think what Ruby loved the best was that auntie Laura suddenly had toys in her house. It was the start of a beautiful relationship and I loved seeing them together. My parents were still having Ruby every week and I would go round with Alice. Watching the two of them together would melt my heart.

Then two years later Holly arrived and completed our trio. Ruby was nearly four years old and to see her with Holly that bit older was even better. She was so excited to meet her and she has been a loving and caring cousin to her. Holly absolutely adores Ruby and follows her around. But Holly is definitely the boss of this trio!


Seeing the three girls together is something I never tire off, they are more like siblings than cousins. They squabble like siblings, they laugh like siblings and they forgive like siblings.

I am lucky that I get to see so much of Ruby and when we are out and about I am sure that people think all three girls are mine. Ruby looks like me too, which only adds to this. My sister in law and I were only laughing about this laugh week. Two people had told her how much Ruby looked like me!!


Being an auntie is definitely different to being a mummy. It was easier when she was little to just be the auntie that cuddled her and played on floor with her toys.

As she got older, she would start to push the boundaries as all children do. I didn’t have to be the one to tell her off, that was my mum when we were on a day out. I was the one that would then take her to one side and explain to her why nanny was cross with her, why she got told off. She would listen, we would hug and then she would go and say sorry to nanny.

Sometimes I think I am a better auntie than I am mummy and I get to play a different role.

My hopes and dreams of our relationship is that I can be a constant in her life, a person that she knows she can come to with anything, that my door and my heart are always open to her…


Joining Katie from Mummy Daddy Me for The Ordinary Moments 


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  1. 16/10/2016 / 08:39

    So sweet, I definitely think my sisters get the best of both worlds with my little ones – well maybe not the best intense feelings a mother that we know and love but the best every day when you can play with them, love them and give them back!! x

  2. 16/10/2016 / 08:51

    Awww what a wonderful relationship you have. I was an auntie before I was a mum too and those years were wonderful as I could just play with my niece most days and I didn’t have my own to worry about. My niece and son really love each other now and are forever hurricaning through the house!

  3. 16/10/2016 / 13:08

    It must be so lovely to watch the three of them, my cousin has a little girl a year younger than j and they are thick as thieves and i hope they’ll be as close as my cousin and I. Hoping Ruby has a lovely birthday x

  4. 16/10/2016 / 19:48

    This is so lovely Laura. I am not an Auntie myself, my sister is ten years younger than me and most likely won’t have children for a while yet, but she tells me that being an Auntie is the most incredible thing, as you just feel so much unconditional love for your nieces and nephews. I can’t wait to experience that myself one day. x

  5. 16/10/2016 / 20:29

    What a wonderful relationship you have with your niece, and it must be lovely that the cousins are so close. I live quite far away from my sister and nephew so we don’t really share a bond like you clearly do xx

  6. 17/10/2016 / 00:02

    awww bless you sound like the perfect auntie!

  7. 17/10/2016 / 06:06

    Oh it’s just so lovely that they’re so close! I’m not an aunt and I don’t think I will be one for a long time. My sister in law is so busy with work, and my own sisters are both in University. But all of them absolutely love Evangeline which is very sweet! She’s lucky to have so many aunts around!

  8. 17/10/2016 / 10:26

    This is so beautiful, what a gorgeous relationship the two of you have. The pride when you speak about her is heartwarming. She is utterly gorgeous, thank you for sharing! #ordinarymoments

  9. 17/10/2016 / 11:04

    Happy Birthday to Ruby – Ethan just turned 6 too so they were born days apart!
    I love being an aunty too.. I have 13 nieces and nephews and each one is unique and wonderful. I love that they are cousins to my kids and friends for life x

  10. 17/10/2016 / 21:08

    That’s so lovely, I can’t wait to be an aunty! My sisters need to get on with it! I think Ruby looks like your girls too, especially Alice.