Are Bloggers Entrepreneurs?

Are Bloggers Entrepreneurs?

Blogging as seen by the masses can be considered a hobby, however, done right, your blog can evolve and develop to be a side business or even your full-time business with enough resource. The question may have crossed your mind in the past – does blogging full-time make me an entrepreneur? 

What Is an Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur when defined by is “an individual who sets up their own business or multiple businesses with a degree of financial risk in pursuit of a profit.” With this definition in mind, bloggers who put monetary investment into their blog while receiving profit back either through advertising, outsourcing or hiring of employees can indeed be considered a type of entrepreneur. 

Entrepreneurial Advice

If your blog is making money, regardless of the amount, you can class yourself as an Entrepreneur and with this new title, you might be tempted to seek advice on the best way to run your blog, we have put together some tips for budding bloggers who want to turn their hobby into a profiting business;

Identify Your Audience – Without an audience direction, your blog might feel disjointed and random, it’s important to consider what type of audience you’d like to attract so try to answer the following questions if you are trying to identify a tone of voice for your blog or rejuvenate your blog for a new audience. Would I read this content? What questions are my topics going to answer? Are they going to be recommendations for products or solutions to solve a need? Do I need to sound informal, formal or fun?

Produce Informative and Interesting Content – Your business is your blog and your product is your content, so rather than trying to write any old article to populate your website, consider the sort of queries you’ve had regarding your topic of discussion in the past, questions you have now or questions that may arise in the future. Producing a series of content to answer these questions will keep visitors to your website engaged and informed. With good quality content on your website, you are more likely to get recommendations, links to you for citations and returning visitors. 

Don’t Oversell or Undersell Yourself – As your blog grows, you are likely to start receiving requests for marketing and advertising opportunities, alternatively you might sign up to a bloggers group where options for paid partnerships can be sought out independently from message boards and public requests. Talk to other bloggers around your size about the sorts of prices they charge and how often they seek sponsorships. Pay benchmarking and business reward schemes may be common in larger businesses with dedicated companies able to distribute industry pay comparison data. Unfortunately, these aren’t common when working from home independently, although there is the potential for small to medium blogging groups to approach such a company for information, visit this website to find out more information on pay benchmarking and if it can benefit your band of bloggers. 

Network in All the Right Places – Networking is another skill that a lot of entrepreneurs fail at, especially if they think that everyone is a rival and competitor, when really the opposite is true. Other small to medium business owners or bloggers can be your best source for industry and insider information and offer an understanding sounding board for sharing frustrations or issues you’ve come across. Guest blogs offer an excellent opportunity for networking, as does social media. Do some research on the types of hashtags that are used and start sharing your own bits and getting in on conversations with other bloggers, as long as you stay polite and friendly, you are sure to make plenty of friends and important contacts. 

If you have been worried about your blog achievements or concerned about turning your blog into a business, remember that while blogging has been around for some time, there is still no one-size-fits-all formula to ensure success. The most important aspect is to be yourself and enjoy your own space on the internet, contacts and experience will come in time.

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