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I started writing my blog in January 2016, having very nearly starting one back in September 2012. I kick myself everyday that I didn’t take the plunge back then. But thank goodness I finally did, because I love it. It’s my third baby and I can’t ever see a time when it won’t be a part of my life.

It is my place to capture our life together, to remember all those little moments of the girls life that I know as much as I want to remember them forever they would be forgotten over time.

We get asked a lot what type of blog it is and I normally reply with, A family lifestyle blog, because it will always be about us and life together. We live in the UK, on the Berkshire/Hampshire border.

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I’m Laura… the writer behind dear bear and beany. I’m mummy to my girls and wife to Andy and I spend everyday at home with my family.

Before I became a mummy I worked in Internal Communications and Employee Experience. Ever since I could hold a pencil, I’ve loved to write. As a child I was always the one that took the longest to finish writing their story in class, often missing out on playtime to get it finished.

I’ve always been the person with a camera, the one that took it out on nights out to capture those embarrassing moments. This was all before we had cameras on our phones. My love for photography has grown since starting my blog and it’s now something that I love just as much as writing and as I’m self taught I’m working hard at perfecting my photos all the time.

We moved into our family home last year and I’m enjoying making it the perfect home for us. I used to be really impulse when it came to buying furniture and accessories around the home, but now I like to take my time. Save enough money to have what I would really like and not ‘just make do’. This means it is taking us longer to get it as we want it, but that’s ok with me and I’m loving the process and I know we will get there eventually.

With Holly starting school I’ve decided to make blogging my job and I’m really excited about the ideas I have for my blog. I’m also doing freelance writing for other companies too.

I love sunflowers, coffee and white chocolate is the best thing ever!

My Amazing Husband Andy…

Andy and I first met in 2000, it was definitely lust at first sight for him… We got together in 2009, Andy moved in with me after a week together and he never left. He proposed a few weeks later and we got married eleven months later in November 2010. It was a bit of a rollercoaster, but it didn’t feel like it for us. I guess when you know, you just know!  I’ve written about the story of us on here if you fancy a read (and a laugh!).

He works hard for our family and there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for us girls. He was the one that gave me the final nudge to start writing my blog and I am thankful for how supportive he is.

He loves to watch football and cricket. Tries to play golf (he will never read this) and has a memory full of useless information, but handy for a pub quiz! He loves to go running and it has become his new passion.

My Beautiful Alice…


Alice couldn’t wait to make me a mummy and arrived ten days early in August 2012. She is now in Year one at school and she loves it, she skips in every day and I’m very proud of everything that she has achieved.

Alice is a gently sole, but bursting with confidence. Her teachers call her the chatterbox of the class and she gets that from her daddy, definitely not me. She comes out with some funny one liners and has us laughing and looking at each with a look of ‘what on earth is that’!

She is my loving little girl, she cuddles me all the time and tells me she loves me at least 10 times a day. She is the best big sister and adores her little sister.

My Gorgeous Holly…

Two years and ten days later, in August 2014, my little Holly arrived right on time! Maybe a sign she will take after her mummy, always on time.

Holly is my smiley little girl, I can’t remember a time when Holly didn’t smile. She is my loud one, always on the go and never sits still. But she is also my chilled out one, very easy going and never any trouble. She will sit for ages playing with her toys and entertaining herself.

She is equally as affectionate as Alice, loves to sit on my lap still and I’m not ready for a time when she doesn’t. She looks up to her big sister and she was so excited to finally join her at school. Even if I did weep to have both my girls now at school.

Holly loves paw patrol, peppa pig and she spends her life dressed as a fairy!

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