A Weekend In Cambridge…

A Weekend In Cambridge…

Andy and I very rarely have time just the two of us. The main reason is very simple, we just love to spend time together as a family. We love our girls and with Alice at school now, the weekends are the only time we really get quality time with her. Plus of course we need to have someone to have the girls for us.

For my birthday in June Andy booked us a weekend away in Cambridge, it was a place that I had never been to before and really wanted to visit. My parents kindly agreed to have the girls for us and we couldn’t wait to go. The girls have been counting down to their sleepover for ages, they were SO excited.

With the girls safely dropped off at my parents, practically pushing us out the door so the sleepover could begin. We headed to Cambridge, it felt strange not having the girls chatting away in the back, asking for a food, drinks, another piece of paper etc every five minutes. It was nice to chat and not be interrupted.

We arrived in sunny Cambridge and headed for a quick lunch. We didn’t want much as we were going out for a lovely dinner later and I didn’t want to be too full.

One thing that I really wanted to do was go punting, I mean that is what Cambridge is known for. We headed to the river and booked a slot, only having to wait 45 minutes. We went and grabbed some water to take with us and then sat in the park nearby while we waited.

I commented to Andy, I bet we have someone telling us the history of every single building we pass, as I rolled my eyes! It’s not normally my kind of thing to have a history lesson.

Anyway we shortly headed to do our punting and we set off. And I couldn’t have been more wrong about the history lesson. The guy we had was brilliant! He was funny, he pitched it just right and I actually really really enjoyed finding out about everything we were seeing. Maybe I’m getting old 🙂

I loved punting and would love to bring the girls one day and take them. It was the perfect way to spend out time in Cambridge. Once we finished we did some shopping. To be able to actually browse was amazing, its these little things that you miss when you have young children who don’t want to follow you around shop after shop.

We then headed back to our hotel to relax and get ready for dinner. We had parked our car there when we arrived and walked into town. Once we came back our room was ready for us and I was ready to rest my tired legs.

I read a magazine and had a diet coke, it was heaven. Then we got ready for dinner, something that I hardly ever do anymore. It was nice to have the chance to dress up.

We walked back into town, I’m glad I went with flat shoes. Andy had booked The Ivy, which I thought was going to be overpriced and food we don’t like. But I was SO wrong. The prices were reasonable and the food choices were exactly the food we like. I had the most amazing chocolate bomb pudding!

It was lovely to sit and chat, we actually planned next years holiday. Of course, what else would we do! There was no trips to the toilet, a million times or persuading Holly to actually eat her dinner.

Of course we missed the girls, we talked about them A LOT and I couldn’t wait to feel their arms around my neck again. But they had a brilliant time with my parents and I know from my own memories how special a sleepover is at your grandparents house.

And is important for Andy and I to have this time together. Without us two there is no family, just two individual people with children and for a marriage to keep working, you have to keep working at it.


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  1. 05/08/2018 / 12:46

    It sounds a lovely day. My son once did a trial shift as a waiter at the Ivy when he was a student but failed because he could not pronounce the French names.

  2. 06/08/2018 / 09:50

    Chocolate Bomb pudding is THE best!! I have never visited Cambridge but would love to – a child free weekend sounds wonderful!!