A snapshot of…January

A snapshot of…January

I am going to take a moment to look back at each month this year and capture it all here…a record of our life throughout 2016.

January you have been a grey, wet month with no sign of snow for us. We have made the most of the dry days, to get out and about and enjoyed cosy time at home when the weather has been horrible.

Here is our snapshot of January…

My Alice…

You have grown up so much this month, you are questioning a lot more about the world around you. Wanting to know every little detail about everything we are doing. Car journey’s are spent with you looking out the window and asking me about everything you see, with more detail than ever before. Your friendships are growing and you got your first invitation to a birthday party from a friend you have made at preschool. You continue to make us proud of everything you are learning and the little girl you have become.

You love…

To wear dresses

To watch Peter Rabbit 

To eat roast dinner, chicken pie and peach yoghurts

To do colouring and draw pictures 

Little Holly…

You continue to amaze us with how quickly you are growing up, every day you are learning something new. You have become a little bookworm, taking a book from the bookcase and crawling onto my lap for me to read to you. You are a little climber and I have found you stood on the toy kitchen and on the TV unit! You are eating everything I have in the cupboards, taking my hand and leading me to the kitchen for more food. You are still our smiley girl, who now runs everywhere.

You love…

To read books and play with your babies 

To eat bananas, spaghetti bolognese and jam toast

To go on the swing, the whole time we are at the park

To splash around in the bath and get us all wet

What we got up to…

It has been a month of swimming lessons, ballet lessons, birthday parties and winter walks. Trips to the shops and cafe’s for hot chocolate and cake. The month ended with a visit to nan and grandad’s for roast dinner and lovely family time.

My favourite moment…

Holly getting her first pair of trainers, it was so cute…(you can read about it here)

My favourite photos…



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    • 19/02/2016 / 16:16

      Thank you 🙂 February is flying by, soon be time for another round up! X