A snapshot of…February

A snapshot of…February

I’m back again taking a moment to look back at last month…

February you have flown by, as you always do. We had a month of sickness, which we always seem to in February (what is that all about!). But, we have also had some lovely moments.

Here is our snapshot of February…

My Alice…

You had your first birthday party from a friend at preschool, this is the first time we had a party invitation from someone that mummy didn’t know. It made me so proud that you have been able to make these friendships, without mummy to hold your hand. We had half term from your ballet classes and you really missed them, but you did enjoy buying a new dress and ballet shoes ready to start back.

You love…

To wear jeans a few times this month, much to mummy’s surprise. You haven’t wanted to wear them for so long, its been all about the dresses. 

To watch Topsy and Tim

To eat bananas. You have tried your whole life to try and like bananas and you would keep trying them. I love the way you wouldn’t stop asking to try them and finally you do love them and regularly ask for one.

To go out on your bike, we have had a few dry weekends and have been able to get out and about.

Little Holly…

You turned eighteen months this month, (read my letter to Holly here) which is a real milestone and I feel like you are a little girl now and no longer my baby. You are starting to say more words, but you are a little teaser. You say a word once and then won’t say it again for a while and never on demand for daddy to hear. You had your first stay at grandmas and grandpas house for a few hours on your own and you didn’t cry, which made me happy.

You love…

To play with your sister, much to her delight you are now joining in.

To eat broccoli and yoghurts 

To go out in your smart trike, your little face when you see me get it out, its adorable

To run, you run everywhere 

What we got up to…

It has been a month of visiting friends, baking cakes and trips to the park.

We had a lovely family day out with nan and grandad to our favourite garden centre.

The month ended with a weekend of two birthday parties and Andy and I went out together for a lovely meal…which you can read about here.

My favourite moment…

Alice getting the superstar sticker at school, she was so excited and proud to receive it. Bursting to tell me when she came out of preschool, I love these moments.

My favourite photos…




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  1. 01/03/2016 / 19:13

    Aw Alice sounds similar to my littlest girl- she loves bananas and watching Topsy and Tim too! xx

    • 02/03/2016 / 08:33

      You can’t beat Topsy and Tim!! Yes, I have a couple of monkey’s that love bananas 🙂 xx

  2. 09/03/2016 / 08:01

    Ah such a lovely update. Gorgeous girls. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x