A Snapshot of October…

Well October you just flew by. I don’t know about you but I find these months leading up to Christmas are some of the fastest months of the year. Then we hit January and times stands still!


Here is our snapshot of October…

My Alice…


October has been a busy month and you’ve had birthday parties, school disco and Autumn walks. You’ve settled into school and had your first half term. We had a fairly quiet half term, but we did go pumpkin picking for the first time and you told me it was the best day ever.

The last two weeks of the month you’ve been really tired and we’ve had a few difficult moments. And whilst its not fun for anyone, I have to remember that school is such a big thing for you and you are learning all the time.

October ended with Halloween and you were still on half term. You were so excited to finally get to wear your witches outfit.

You love…

Being a witch, a nice witch you tell me

Riding your bike, we’ve had a few trips out on it and you are doing brilliantly

To eat peppers, this is a new thing and one that came from having them at school

To bake, we’ve done lots of baking this month. Including our annual bonfire cakes

Little Holly…


October has seen you grow up so much. You are a proper little cheeky monkey and you make me laugh every day. Even times when I should be serious. I can see more and more of myself in you every day and I am not sure if thats good or bad 🙂

I am loving getting to have lots of one on one time since Alice started school and this makes me happy. You brighten up my day and its lovely to have this time with you.

You love…

Your new boots

Your new toddlebike

To eat breadsticks 

Your peppa pig slippers 

What we got up to…

We went pumpkin picking at Millets Farm and we had a lovely day. It was fun craving them back at home and having them lit in the dark outside.


My favourite moment…

Having both my girls home with me for half term. No routine, no school runs and lots of snuggles.

November looks like its going to be a pretty special month for us and it starts this weekend with my lovely husband taking me away to Bath for our wedding anniversary.


Cuddle Fairy


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  1. 02/11/2016 / 07:40

    I hate half term as I’ve got a just-turned two year old and six month old to entertain without any of the normal classes. Once my eldest starts school, though, I know it’ll be precious! It looks like you had a fab month and the pumpkin farm looks great fun. Gorgeous pics! Your daughters, I mean not scary witches, are too cute! #BloggerClubUK

  2. 02/11/2016 / 11:30

    awww I love this post, such adorable photos of your little ones. I’m glad your girls enjoyed themselves at pumpkin picking. Enjoy your weekend away with your hubby and happy anniversary in advance #BloggerClubUK

  3. 02/11/2016 / 19:53

    Lovely post, love the Halloween costumes! Amy x


  4. 02/11/2016 / 22:24

    Oh have a fabulous weekend for your wedding anniversary! I love the photo of the two of them in the pumpkins. Libby has been exhausted too and it’s so difficult to know what to do for the best when they’re that tired.

  5. 09/11/2016 / 00:22

    Oh bless such amazing shots, I love October especially Halloween when little ones (and us too) also get the chance to dress up a bit witchy.

  6. 11/11/2016 / 11:05

    Pumpkin picking looked so fun! And both girls are adorable in their Halloween costumes. We really are on the downhill to Christmas now!! Thank you for linking up with us at #BloggerClubUK