A Snapshot of…January 2017

January was a funny month for us, it didn’t go quite as slow as it normally does and I think that’s because we were so busy with the house. There is just so much to do when you move into a new home and the list of jobs is never ending.


Here is our snapshot of January…

My Alice…

January has been all about reading and writing for you, that is all you want to do. You are doing so well in both and I am amazed everyday from what you can remember. School came at the right time for you, you are a little girl desperate to learn and thankfully the school we choose can give you everything you need.

You continue to love swimming and are doing well in the next level. I think the highlight for you this month was going on your first school playdate, it was so lovely to see you excited about going to your friends house. You still talk about it now.

You love…

Your new friends at school and drawing them pictures

Your new bedroom with fairy stickers and a height chart

To eat apples

Making dens in the lounge with Holly

Little Holly…

Well, January saw you starting preschool for one morning a week and you have loved it from day one. We are so proud of the way you’ve settled in, you skip in every week.

You continue to love our ballet classes on a Friday morning and I love this time with you. You are becoming a proper little ballerina.

We moved you from your cot to a new bed and whilst I was nervous about the move, you were brilliant. You don’t climb out and you even sleep for longer in the mornings, mummy and daddy love you for this!

You love…

Your new big girl bed

Your new rainbow trainers

Going to preschool with your little friend

Collecting Alice from school, you squeal with delight when she comes out

What we got up to…

We spent a lot of the month getting the house organised. Building Holly’s new bedroom furniture and getting her room organised. Andy has been more sociable than me and had a few nights out at a concert and a cricket night.

It definitely hasn’t been the most exciting month, but we’ve been together as a family enjoying our new home and that is pretty perfect.

The month ended with my family coming over to wish my parents a happy holiday. They have gone to Australia for a month and whilst I know they will have a great time, I have two little girls who will miss them.

My favourite moment…

Seeing my girls play together. It’s not always a calm experience, they do squabble. But generally they play really well together and it melts my heart.

February had better so quick, so my parents are home soon. We also have half term near the end and we are looking forward to having Alice home with us.


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  1. 03/02/2017 / 13:59

    Oh gosh I bet you will all miss your parents. Isn’t it lovely to watch them learning to read and write? Such a big milestone and a skill that they’re going to use their whole lives.

  2. 04/02/2017 / 08:10

    They’re so cute.
    Alice is looking so grown up.
    January has been a turbulent one for you honey, let’s hope feb is calmer and injury free.xx

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