A Snapshot of December…

I can’t believe that we are not only at the end of December, but the end of 2016 too.



Here is our snapshot of December…

My Alice…

December was a busy month for you at school. We had your first parents evening and I was so proud to hear how well you are doing. You’ve settled in really well and starting to make friends, which melts my heart. You had your nativity play, where you were an angel. I still laugh that you asked your teacher if you could be an angel this year, because you were Mary last year and fancy a change.

You completed your swimming class and got awarded a certificate, which means next term you will be moving up a class. You are doing amazing and you love it so much which really helps.

You love…

A day out with mummy to Kidzania in London.

Your new Elsa doll and microphone. You sing along all day long!

Your new home and especially your bedroom

Spending time with your family over the holidays. We’ve loved having you home and you have equally loved it too.

Little Holly…

December has been a month of watching you grow into a confident little girl. You are such a delight to be around and you are also a little mischievous one. It has been a month of you and I finding our stride in our week without Alice and I’m loving having this time with you.

You still not a big fan of eating and we have our challenges at dinner time. But you love breakfast and lunch, so we are just going with the flow at the moment and trying not to stress too much.

You love…

Going to London to see Disney On Ice, you were totally mesmerised.

Your boots, you want them on all the time

Peter Rabbit! You want to watch it, read the books and play with your Peter Rabbit and his friends

Sleeping…I will probably jinx it. But you finally seem to understand that 5.30am is not waking up time and it’s more 6.30am now!

What we got up to…

December was a busy month of us moving into our new house on the 2nd and trying to get everything organised in time for Christmas. We also had lots of lovely things planned in the lead up to Christmas, with a trip to see Father Christmas at our favourite garden centre.

Alice and I had a day out to London together and headed to Kidzania. It was lovely spending time with her, I really miss her now she is at school.

We took the girls to see Disney on Ice just before Christmas, it was a lovely family day out and they loved it.

My favourite moment…

Having Christmas in our new home. It may have been hectic getting everything ready, but it was worth it. To have our family over and to see the girls on Christmas morning in their new home was wonderful.

January is probably my least favourite month, it just seems to drag. We will be spending it finishing the unpacking and getting the house totally done.




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  1. 01/01/2017 / 16:28

    I’m glad you loved Disney on Ice, we thought it was fabulous too. I also can’t wait to take Libby to Kidzania, love reading what you and your girls have been up to because mine are into the same sorts of things!

  2. 02/01/2017 / 15:26

    Sounds like you’ve had a fantastic month and I’m glad your first Christmas in your new home was special. I love the idea of this post, as I can just imagine it making you smile so much in a few years to read back on the teenier children days.

    Stevie xx

  3. 04/01/2017 / 00:13

    We are yet to see Disney on Ice, it sounds fab!