A Disney Home With An Adult Twist…

If kids want one thing, it’s Disney at all times of the day. “Mummy, mummy, can we have a Disney-themed bedroom?” is something parents hear on a daily basis. But, let’s be honest – everyone loves the characters and designs. Pixar may be the new in thing, but Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King are classics which make us smile. Therefore, it’s not wrong to want to let your inner child take over when it comes to interior design. The only thing is that you don’t want to be tacky and childish. Here are four ways to avoid the seemingly inevitable fate.

Wallpaper Prints

Okay, so the idea of pasting Disney characters all over the walls of your home isn’t subtle. Sure, it’s tacky and childish, the two things you’re desperate to avoid. Have faith, people, because this post isn’t going to contradict itself within the first paragraph. Well, not on purpose anyway! WallpaperInk is a company that specialises in prints and their collection contains some adult themes. Don’t forget, for example, that the Pirates of the Caribbean and The Avengers franchises are the property of Walt. Or, you go with a general, planets-over-nebulae theme if you prefer. This has no affiliation and looks spectacular.

Sheets And Pillows

The modern home has many sheets and pillows adorning a bed. It’s a guess, but there’s a good chance your house follows the status quo. Please, don’t see this as a negative but an opportunity. The key is blending in is going under the radar, which is why Disney bed sheets work perfectly. Pick a dark colour with subtle designs and no one will be able to tell you’re s secret fan. To stand out a little bit, cover the pillows and cushions in Disney embroidery. Alternatively, you can use a teddy as a focal point and prop it up at the head of the bed.

Household Accessories

Decorating a home takes time and patience. But, it also requires an element of fun as well as personality. A Disney accessory hits both nails on the head with ease and grace. Take a Magic Kingdom “HOME” item as an example. This piece includes the letters “H”, “M” and “E”, but the “O” is a Disney-themed castle. Not only is a cool design, but it’s striking to look at and makes people go “wow, very creative!” Others include a Dalmatians set or a Cogsworth clock.

Kitchen Utensils

Finally, the kitchen is the last place to go Disney crazy. What’s great about this room is that you can quite mad without pushing the boundaries too far. The reason for this is that the utensils go in the cupboard and no one sees them together. So, the fact that you have a goofy mug and a Rapunzel dish set isn’t a problem. Well, as long as they come out separately and not together! On the flip side, you can gladly showcase your collection in the corner of the room on a shelf.


So, do you think you can pull off a Disney home with an adult twist now?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


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