5 Little Yet Easy Hacks To Make Your Home More Comfortable…

5 Little Yet Easy Hacks To Make Your Home More Comfortable…

Our homes mean more to us than we realise, and more often than not, a lot of us take what we have for granted. As many as 9 children in every class live in poverty, meaning that they don’t have a nice home to return home to after school as well as not being able to eat properly. However, if you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful home, then make the most of it! You may have noticed a few little things that annoy you about your home, so instead of loathing where you live, fix the problem so that you can fall in love with where you live! Take a look at these five little yet easy hacks to make your home more comfortable.


One of the human’s more sensitive senses is our sense of smell. As soon as we get a whiff of something we don’t like, it can have a negative effect on our opinion of where we smelled it. Your home might not smell of you yet, especially if you’ve not long moved in, so why not treat yourselves (and your noses) to some diffusers to pop around your home? They last for months and really help eliminate any bad smells!


There’s nothing worse than being too cold, or too hot in your own home. The problem is, sometimes the fix isn’t as simple as turning on the heating or opening up a window. You mind find that your conservatory is too hot and you’re struggling to get the heat down, even with windows open! Or, if you’re struggling with draughts, you could consider buying some draught excluders for your door to keep everyone nice and toasty – and help save on heating bills!


If a room is too bright due to high power light bulbs, then you might find that you’re experiencing headaches and understandably, not wanting to go in that room as much. Alternatively, you might find a room too dim and also experience headaches due to squinting when you’re in the room. Resolve these problems by buying lamps with energy saving bulbs in them. Not only will you be helping your eyes, but you’ll be helping the environment too!


Sometimes a new home can seem like something is missing. Even though you’ve got all of your belongings with you, you might not feel like there is enough of an atmosphere, especially if you’ve moved from a noisy neighbourhood to a quiet one. Why not invest in a radio and have it playing in the background. It’s extremely comforting, especially if you’re in the house alone!


Finally, no house is a home without a few homely features. So, even if you’re not planning on living there long, throw down some rugs and hang some artwork so that you and your family can feel more at home and spend less time hating where you live!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


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