48 Hours At Eagle Brae In The Scottish Highlands…

48 Hours At Eagle Brae In The Scottish Highlands…

Is it ok to admit that I’ve never been to Scotland before? There I’ve said it. I’m not sure why this is the case and seeing as my sister in law is Scottish, it’s even more crazy that I’ve never been.

Well I put this right last week and took my first trip to Scotland. I flew from Gatwick to Inverness and I couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was. I was travelling with 9 other bloggers on a trip to quite frankly one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to.

Photo: Le Coin de Mel

Eagle Brae…

Mel who was in our group had been before and told us how wonderful Eagle Brae was, but its not until you see it for yourself that you can really appreciate just how stunning it is. I’m not sure my photos are going to do it justice and you will all just have to take a trip to see for yourself.

We arrived in the dark at about 4.30pm and as we were split across 2 cabins, I headed straight to our cabin, The Loxia as I couldn’t wait to see where we would be staying.

I wasn’t disappointed, the log cabins are beautifully made, the design and layout ideal for families and friends. It was big enough, but somehow also felt cosy. With the log burning stove going and underfloor heating, I knew this was going to be perfect for me. (I feel the cold!).

When I say log cabins, they are not what you see at holiday parks, these are beautifully made to fit in with the surroundings. What I love is that they are not overcrowded, you can see your neighbour, but you are not on top of each other. There is currently 6 cabins, with plans to build an additional 3 cabins this year.

They had thought of everything at Eagle Brae, the minute you walked in the door there was enough hooks for us all to hang our coats and place our boots. A torch hanging up ready for the dark walks back to the other cabin. It’s these little touches that make all the difference.

We had a welcome pack full of lots of lovely Scottish delights. There was coffee, tea and hot chocolate in the caddy’s and thankfully we had done a shop on our way and brought the milk.

The layout is open plan, which is what everyone wants these days and it meant that we never felt on top of each other. The kitchen had everything you would need, including a dishwasher (big win!) A dining room table and a couple of sofa’s where we all collapsed on at the end of both nights.

Downstairs you had a large bathroom and next to it a beautiful twin bedroom, with plenty of space. The stairs led you to a mezine where there was a desk and a computer if you needed to use one. Alongside it was 2 separate bunks, with curtains to draw at night. These are ideal for children, but also big enough for adults. There are draws underneath to pop all your belongings away. We didn’t have anyone sleep in these in our cabin, but in the other cabin they did and I was told they were really cosy to sleep in.

Next to it was the other twin bedroom and this was identical in look and size to the one downstairs, with the exception that it had an en-suite, which was enormous and had a shower cubicle.

On our first night we took the short walk, with our torch, back to the other cabin where the owners Mike and Pawana had pre-prepared an evening meal for us. This is a service they offer and if you ever visit I highly recommend it, especially for that first night. It was wonderful not having to worry about cooking, all we had to do was heat up the meals. They also had a gluten free option for Laura too.

One thing that we all agreed on was how well we slept at night. I don’t normally sleep through the night when I’m away, the anxiety in me makes me wake up to ‘just check’ that everything is ok. But here I didn’t! I slept soundly and had 2 lovely nights sleep (don’t tell Andy!).

On our second morning we had a slower start to the day and being at Eagle Brae couldn’t have been more different to my usual mornings. The air somehow seems cleaner, fresher, crisper and with our cabin having a decking area to sit out on drinking my coffee soaking up the view, and what a view it was. It was incredibly peaceful and you couldn’t hear anything but your own breathing.

As you can see we were really lucky with the weather on our trip and I didn’t even need a coat.

We took a walk around Eagle Brae and every corner you turned you were treated by another beautiful sight, we were lucky enough to meet the most beautiful stag. He was only metres away from us and totally not phased by us at all. The owners later told us that he was born amongst the cabins and this is why he is used to us humans.

There was the owners dog strolling around, goats to see and apart from our own group I didn’t see another person the whole we were there. The reception area is available for you to pop in and have a warm drink, a sit down and chat to the owners if they are there.

One thing that you will notice about Eagle Brae is their commitment to the environment. Our cabin had crates for recycling, the water is sourced from their own borehole. The way they treat waste water is so thorough that it can be piped into the local river.

I’ll put my hands up and admit that I didn’t think I would love it as much as I did. I was worried about being cold at night, so much in fact that I brought bed socks and I hate wearing socks. They didn’t even make it out of my case, I was that warm at night.

I thought its a long way to go, is it worth it? Let me tell you it was 500% worth it. The trip up was seamless, quick and cheap with a return flight of £30. But what greets you when you arrive, there are no words to describe it. It was like we were at the top of the world, the views, the stillness, the crisp air, everything about it I loved.

It is somewhere that I would love to return to with my family, my girls would love it. It would be like nothing else they’ve experienced. My parents are already asking to see my photos as they are keen to visit Inverness and I know Eagle Brae would be perfect for them too.

If I was to sum our trip up in one sentence…

A pretty amazing 48 hours in one of the most beautiful places!

Disclosure: We were kindly invited on a press trip to visit Eagle Brae, in return for a honest review. All views, opinions and photos (or credited) are my own. 


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  1. 17/01/2018 / 20:03

    This looks absolutely stunning, exactly the sort of place we would really love to visit as a family x

  2. 18/01/2018 / 18:10

    Ahh it was just gorgeous wasn’t it? I so wish we could go back and do it all again! Missing you already….and those views!!! xx

  3. 18/01/2018 / 20:08

    Oh my word this place looks amazing. It sounds and looks like the perfect place for a little getaway. Wow!

  4. 18/01/2018 / 20:42

    Oh wow – this looks absolutely incredible. I would love to visit one day. Glad you got up there and back before this week’s snow chaos!

  5. 20/01/2018 / 08:06

    Next time, I want to be smuggled in a suitcase. It looks amazing.

  6. 20/01/2018 / 09:17

    I have been following all your blogs on Eagle Brae and it looks stunning. I fell in love with Scotland last year and am keen to return and head farther north

  7. 20/01/2018 / 10:24

    Another Eagle Brae post, you must have had a blast. Sounds ideal for families or large groups.

  8. 20/01/2018 / 12:28

    This place looks so lovely and peaceful. Looked like you all had a wonderful time.

  9. Hannah | MakeDo&Push
    23/01/2018 / 09:29

    I’ve never been to Scotland either. It looks absolutely glorious! We’re looking for places to go for a Staycation this year and I might have to consider a change from our usual Lake District adventure.

  10. 28/01/2018 / 07:31

    Oh it was so beautiful, I would love to take Hubby and the kids back. I can imagine Monkeys face if he got that close to a stag. Definitely something about the wonderfully clean air that helps you sleep. I’m so grateful that we all enjoyed it together xx